June 8, 2023


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Flying over Germany at night? “I can not!”. Such a ban is what the Green Party and the left want …

“We have long called for a ban on night flights at airports close to cities between 10pm and 6am.”

Susanne Meng, an aviation expert for the Greens’ parliamentary group in the Bundestag, told the Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND) group newspapers during today’s conversation with the media. As you explained – in general, the number of night flights should be significantly reduced. However, a question arises here … during the day you can, but not at night?

‘It’s a climate injustice’

According to Ming, Flying private and corporate jets ‘one of the biggest climate grievances’. According to her, “It can no longer be explained why so many people are fighting global warming by insulating their homes and replacing their heating systems, while When a small group uses aviation kerosene it’s like there is no tomorrow.” She can mention the many commissioners in Brussels who travel back and forth several times a month. Of course, we are also talking about those who belong to her political environment.

But that’s not all… The left’s transportation policy spokesman, Ralph Linkert, is also calling for a ban on… private jets.

Short trips of less than 500 km should be prohibited. This also applies to most private jets.

He said in an interview with RND. Moreover, the left supports a general ban on night flights.

“Air traffic is associated with significant environmental pollution, and tens of thousands of people suffer from aircraft noise near airports.”

– explains.

Like… Amsterdam

Last Tuesday, said the director of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol From 2025, private and overnight trips will not be allowed. The airport’s director, Rod Sundage, cited environmental protection and noise disturbing residents.

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“We thought too long about growth and not enough about its price.”

announce. argue that Private jets cause “disproportionately high levels of noise and carbon dioxide emissions per passenger”.

The German Air Transport Association has told media group Funke that there are “very few” places left in Germany where overnight flights are still possible. as emphasized, Germany is one of the most far-reaching restrictive countries in the world.

Source: niezalezna.pl, dw.com

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