June 8, 2023


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Isabelle Huot: Identity theft and death threats

Nutritionist Isabelle Hood has been battling the same problem of false advertising using her celebrity and her image to sell “weight loss products” for ten days.

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To add insult to injury, these “miracle pills” belong to the ghetto family, a point he has been publicly denouncing for years (on the radio, on television, in his columns).

His denunciations have earned him a lot of cyber threats, including several death threats from followers of the controversial regime in 2019.

“It goes against all my principles,” he told the Journal. It’s great to see a picture of me being used to keto supplements. It’s shocking to me that the people of Quebec believe that. I get a lot of messages from people who paid $100 for ‘my’ pills, asking me why they didn’t get anything.”


One of the false ads uses her photos with pictures of pill boxes and the magazine’s logo. 7 days For more reliability. The text presents her as a doctor – while he is a nutritionist – prescribing these pills for weight loss.

“We can’t close this, says a contact with a lawyer in the United States, because the link to buy pills on Amazon points to Wyoming. I have to protect myself in the United States, which will certainly be expensive.

Isabelle Huot contacted Ave-Marie Lordi about this and wanted to create a victims’ group to arrest the people behind these scams.

“They legitimately deserve a hearing.”