Fish sign on car.  Do you know what this sticker means?

  • Some drivers like to decorate their cars with different stickers

  • In this way, they express their opinions or their affiliation to a particular community

  • Among the stickers that symbolize specific values Beliefs include: the peace symbol, the rainbow, the Poland fight symbol, or the fish sign

What kind of drivers are people who have a fish sign on their bumper?

In theory, people drive cars from… Fish sign The bumper should be friendly, helpful and adhere to the rules of the road. We have different experiences with road situations, so opinions are divided on this topic. Regardless of ideological issues, we encounter friendly and helpful drivers every day, as well as those we would rather never meet again. Fish sign On the car does not give us confidence that the person driving the car is displaying behaviors worthy of imitation.

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Fish sign – what does this sticker on the car mean?

You can often see cars decorated with fish stickers on the roads. These are two curved lines that meet on one side and intersect on the other. This simple symbol is stuck on the car by Christians who want to inform other road users about their religion. The sign of the fish has been a symbol of Jesus Christ since the beginning of Christianity. In ancient Greek ichtys It means fish, but it is also a syllable of the words “Iesus Christos Theou Yios Soter” – Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.

Why do Christians put the sign of the fish on their car and not the sign of the cross?

Persecuted Christians adopted the symbol of the fish as their distinctive sign. The sign of the cross, associated with the Catholic faith, appeared only in the fourth century and is a symbol of the remembrance of death and crucifixion for Christians. In all the paintings depicting Jesus having his last meal with the apostles, you can see bread, wine and fish. The sign of the fish is strongly associated with baptism, i.e. the beginning of life, vitality and nourishment for Christians. Pasting this symbol on a car originated in Protestant Germany.

Modern Christians paste the fish symbol on their car, To remind other drivers that the words of Christ are still alive and that they are not ashamed of their religion. For many believers in Christian values, an important place is Pola Lednica in the Greater Poland Voivodeship, the central point of which is the Third Millennium Gate, a fish-shaped steel structure, 36 meters long and 9 meters high. Youth meetings and other religious celebrations are regularly held in this area.

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Fish sign on car

Fashion car stickers

Beautifying your car with stickers is becoming more and more popular. A wide range of styles encourage you to personalize your vehicle and give it a unique flair. within Labels symbolizing specific values Beliefs are, for example: Fish signHamsa, peace, rainbow, fighting symbol in Poland. Common translations include: “Baby in the car” and “Here you are! Your mother-in-law’s car.” Some funny texts include, for example: “Kag, you’re crazy”, “The German cried when he was selling” and “Faster than everyone else”. You can also often see stickers that look like flowing blood, gunshot holes, large claw scratches, butterflies, dog paw prints, and many more.

attached "The child in the stroller"Photo: Andrey_Popov / Shutterstock

Baby on board poster.

If we buy a used car with a sticker on its body and want to dispose of it, the best way is to use a high temperature. One way is to leave the car in the sun and when the sticker softens, peel it off. If possible, use a hair dryer to direct hot air toward the unwanted decoration. When using the knife, be careful not to scratch the paint. We clean the remaining adhesive residue with white spirit or a specialized preparation and we can stick new decorations with confidence.

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Removing old stickers from the car: Photo: Piotr Szybulski/Otto Swiat

Removing old stickers from the car:

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