The most anticipated indie games of 2024

It’s been a while since the last list of the most anticipated indie games of the year came out (see here), because it was published in January. For this reason, it would be nice to add some new items to the expected lineup – especially since we’ve received some interesting announcements in recent months. No matter what you say, it is certainly interesting and, above all, very creative.

Furthermore, interest in smaller titles seems to be growing all the time. I have the distinct impression that the number of fans of the indie scene is growing every year, and this is great news. Gamers are starting to appreciate more small developers who put their hearts into their products – their primary goal is to make the project look good, not to make the numbers in Excel match.

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This is evident in the elements that I would like to present to you today. Each of them is unique in its own way and can undoubtedly attract many of you. I encourage you to take a look at the list and be sure to let us know which indie project you’re most looking forward to! In the meantime, we encourage you to read it and we’ll see you in a few months with the next list!

Harvest Hunt

Let’s start with the production, which has very little time left until the premiere. Villainous Games Studio’s Harvest Hunt is set to debut on May 22 and will offer horror fans a real challenge. Suffice it to say that the creators decided to include the well-known elements of the “croissant”. But what is very interesting is that the basis of the idea is European folklore, so the topic is familiar to many of us.

Duck Detective: Secret Salami

And just a day later, an entry from a completely different side of the axis will debut – as you can guess from the title itself, we’re dealing with a very humorous detective game here. And although everything is, of course, very comedic, and many of the interrogations will be accompanied by funny elements, the creators took inspiration from another independent film from years ago, The Return of the Obra Dinne!


On the same day, May 23, we will also get an interesting mix of adventure and shooting game. We play the titular Hauntii, a spirit wandering the afterlife, solving quests, helping the creatures he encounters, and fighting powerful enemies that disturb the order of immortality. However, what particularly sets this title apart is the graphics – find out for yourself!

Bo: Teal Lotus Path

An action-adventure game inspired by Japanese mythology is something I can’t resist. Especially since this title screams with almost every element that it intends to provide a unique atmosphere. Personally, I can’t wait, and even though I’m not a metroidvania fan, I’ll make an exception in this case. When is the first show? Already in mid-July!


Not long after, on July 23, Exophobia – the first production of Zarc Attack – will appear on the market. How do you intend to stand out? Well – an extensive arsenal of firearms? Science fiction reality? Fighting aliens? Nah – it’s all happened before! However, if it comes with a retro style, which many people associate with the classics of the FPS genre, it might make sense! This is exactly what will happen in this case.

Cat Quest III

So, The Gentlebros, thrice a charm? In the case of Cat Quest III, I can simply ask if you’ve had a chance to play the previous two games. If so, you know exactly what (and how much) to expect. If not, make up for it as soon as possible! And don’t let the childish style fool you – even the most demanding gamers will spend many hours playing. Premiering in August!


And there is another title that will debut in the eighth month of the year – this time a very popular adventure game from the Red Thread Games team, which brought us Dreamfall some time ago. There will be an important message about the power of propaganda, picturesque places in the United States and… supernatural abilities! I look forward to it and encourage you to do the same!

Hard drive dead

Let’s move on to the game, which doesn’t even have an approximate release date, but the promotional materials themselves are very encouraging. In theory, it’s the result of the work of Mike Blakney and the Fanclub crew, and in practice, it’s a survival horror in isometric projection. However, in order to properly describe its formula, the creators themselves use an interesting but unusual term – Grand Theft Cthulhu.


How about another combination? Brimstone from Perfect Random is a mix of FPS and roguelike! And in a very unusual version. Visually, you get a double impression – on the one hand, some shots seem to be created very basicly, but on the other hand, they have some charm and seem to fit into the story. This is definitely something worth checking into.

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