Siege of Circle K station. Drivers hurried to get PLN 1 cheaper fuel per liter.  I'll do it

Thursday, December 15th greeted me with the morning news that from 14:00 to 17:00 at the stations of Circle K, drivers will be able to refuel their cars with fuel cheaper than PLN 1 per liter. I didn’t quite believe it, because first of all I hadn’t heard of a similar promotion before, and secondly I was expecting some catch. Curious about the topic, I found Business Rules and checked out what exactly it was about.

To my surprise, the promotion turned out to be simple. It wasn’t just directed at loyalty card holders or customers who refueled with at least a certain amount of fuel. The information was clear – anyone who shows up at Circle K on December 15th, from 14:00 to 17:00 will refuel all miles and PLUS fuel for PLN 1 per liter cheaper. No matter the quantity.

Today you can fill in cheaper fuel for PLN 1 per liter. But only at certain times

I thought this upgrade was for me. Like all of my poles, I’m bothered by high fuel prices. It just so happened that the fuel gauge on my own car was getting close to the red line. In the coming days, before Christmas, I had to visit a gas station anyway and, with a grimace on my face, pull the payment card out of my wallet at the checkout. Since I managed to save money, I went to the nearest Circle K station in Warsaw.

Promotion at Circle K stations - cheaper fuel at PLN 1 per literPromotion at Circle K stations – cheaper fuel at PLN 1 per liter Photo. Raphael the wise

I managed to save 40 zlotys

I am driving by car With a diesel engine, it is equipped with a fuel tank with a capacity of 54 liters. I know my car well, so when I saw the fuel level gauge shrink to two glowing white lines, I estimated the tank should hold about 40 liters of diesel.

At the Circle K station on Połczyńska Street in Warsaw, I arrived several minutes before 14:00. I was able to notice how fuel prices changed on the edifice. The reduction was actually consistent with the information – mileage and fuel miles PLUS prices decreased by PLN 1 per liter.

The decision to get to the petrol station before 14:00 was a starting point. The queue was small and at a quarter after 2pm my locker filled up Sentences. I poured just over 40 liters of fuel into the tank. I paid PLN 6.86 for a liter of diesel, while a liter of diesel was PLN 7.86 a few minutes earlier at the same station. Calculation It’s simple – instead of paying PLN 319, you spent PLN 278 on fuel. I saved just over $40.

Promotion at Circle K stations - cheaper fuel at PLN 1 per literPromotion at Circle K stations – cheaper fuel at PLN 1 per liter Photo. Raphael the wise

Huge traffic jams near Circle K stations all over Poland

But many drivers are not as lucky as me. After 14:00, and as the following minutes ticked by, the station on Połczyńska Street in Warsaw, by no means small, began to come under siege. Before my eyes, the gas station was filled to capacity carsAnd on Połczyńska Street, there was not only a traffic jam for the exit to Circle K, but also a jam on the adjacent lanes and the intersection with Powstańców Śląskich Street. All because drivers want to get to the station to take advantage of the promotion.

I was not the only one who observed and observed what was happening at Circle K stations. From the observations of drivers all over Poland who share their observations and photos on social media, it seems that the measure announced by Circle K, reduced the price of fuel by PLN 1 per liter, attracted magnet drivers.

The queues in front of the stations are huge and have a significant impact on traffic congestion and frustration for drivers. Cars block intersections, roundabouts and streets adjacent to gas stations. The atmosphere between motorists is very tense. Not everyone can refuel cheaper. I’m glad I did. I also saved my nerves from losing my temper, because I made the decision to go to the gas station early enough.

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Promotion at Circle K stations - cheaper fuel at PLN 1 per literPromotion at Circle K stations – cheaper fuel at PLN 1 per liter Photo. Raphael the wise

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Snow on the car. The authorization can be up to 3000. zlotys

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