Expert: Omikron variant will work the same way as Delta

Virologist A. Włodzimierz Gut has admitted he is concerned about the new alternative to COVID-19 Omikron.

– I’m afraid (of the Omikron variant), but just like any other variant, said the professor. Gut, who admitted that “something has been determined quickly, which usually takes a long time, since (Omikron) was first discovered recently on November 11, 2021 in Botswana”.

The specialist emphasized that Omikron has a lot of mutations, while admitting that all variants “have some mutations.” “However, the speed with which the peculiar characteristics of this species were announced was astonishing to me, to say the least. It was probably due to the failure of the Delta. Let us remember that the delta in Japan had disappeared – said the professor. It was due to the discipline of society,” said Prof. Gott explained. Thanks to vaccinations.

In the new variant, more than 50 mutations arose, of which more than 30 were in the S protein and the rest in other proteins. It is interesting that the part that defines the so-called prof said. Gut. – (That means – ed.) The virus will work just as it does Delta or any other type of coronavirus, said the virologist.

According to the professor. The new gutta variant will not be more contagious than delta. – Japan has shown that with proper behavior, deltas simply disappear. The disappearance is justified. Each variant is transmitted from person to person and when it is identified and isolated in time, it does not transmit anything else – the specialist explained.

Vaccination makes us ready for infection, so it shortens the time it takes for the virus to shed, reducing its ability to spread even when we don’t know we’re infected yet. Our behavior, in turn, determines the virus grinning – he added.

According to the professor, patients are late in going to the doctor, and some are late for a long time until they go directly to the ventilator. – And every third patient dies under a ventilator, regardless of the variant that caused the injury – says the professor. Gott says patients don’t want to believe they may have contracted COVID-19. Second, they fear that their immediate surroundings will be isolated. And they often don’t report all the people they’ve come into contact with.

The virologist has determined the best time to see a doctor: – Whenever we feel any discomfort, because Covid-19 disease causes a variety of symptoms. For some, the body temperature will only be elevated, for others a day before symptoms appear, the doctor warned.

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He pointed out that vaccination does not protect against infection, but when vaccinated, the virus that penetrates the upper respiratory tract “finds its way into the prepared organism and is unable to cause or cause disease in a milder form, dependent on the organism.” – Vaccination eases the burden on Hospitals and ventilators – confirmed the virologist.

At the same time, he explained, the reason for this is that the virus first enters the cell, and “only when it leaves the cell is it inactivated by antibodies.” Antibodies determine the course of infection, immune memory, and cellular response. We can measure antibodies and this can be done en masse, but there are really problems with the cellular response. The expert noted that at the moment, this cannot be done collectively.

The coronavirus still has some potential for change. This virus has one change in every thousand nucleotide rewriting. It contains 30,000 of them, so the resulting two molecules differ in 30 places. Most of the changes have been deleted. Firstly, the resulting molecule is not viable, because one in two or three hundred is capable of further contamination. And secondly, because of the properties of the genetic code, which was created in such a way that only one change would modify the resulting amino acid or change it to a similar amino acid, the expert said.

At the same time, he stressed that the number of infections in Africa is not “that low”.

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– Keep in mind how often you take the test there. Vaccinations equate to the quality of health care. In some countries, only 1% are vaccinated against COVID-19. The population may be suspected of detecting only a small number of infections that do occur. Besides, politics is imposed on him, the virologist said.

In Sweden, only deaths from COVID-19 alone have been reported. When we compare data from Sweden and Poland, only Covid data should be taken into account. Because when we also take into account the “biased” data (relating to those who died from comorbidities – ed.), two completely different groups are compared – the expert explained.

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