Barbara Craftona infected with the Corona virus!  How is her illness?

Barbara Craftona In March, during the third wave of the epidemic, she gave a short interview to “Super Express”, in which she revealed that She almost isolated herself from the world. All this so that he does not get infected with the Corona virus, which is especially dangerous for the elderly.

Unfortunately, despite taking precautions and constantly avoiding people, Barbara Craftona infected with the Corona virus.

However, the actress did not go to the hospital except to Veterans’ House of Polish Theater Artists in SkolimówWhere the specialists deal with it. According to “Super Express”, the actress does not have any serious symptoms that may require her to be taken to the hospital.

It’s in the artist’s house, Barbara Krafftówna . He will spend his 93rd birthday aloneOn December 5th.

As Super Express reminds us, the actress has a great will to live and has said it over and over again Would you like to live to be 100 years old.

We wish her this and keep our fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!

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