Exo-satellites exist.  The James Webb Space Telescope has discovered something important

The solar system contains many moons, many of which have already been discovered. Therefore, we know that such objects also occur near exoplanets, that is, planets outside our system. Its small size makes it difficult to find, however Exomoons definitely exist. Evidence of this situation is provided by the James Webb Space Telescope.

Scientists used the James Webb Space Telescope to observe A system called PDS 70, which is about 400 light-years away. Thanks to the data captured by the NIRCam instrument, the MINDS team was able to find something very interesting.

The James Webb Space Telescope was unable to find extrasolar moons, but it did see exomoons around one of the system's planets (classified as PDS 70C). Tablet material. Scientists say so From it the moons will appear Close to this world.

The PDS 70 is a unique system due to its young age. Astronomers estimate this It is no more than 5.5 million years old. For comparison, the solar system is about 4.6 billion years old. The objects there are just emerging from disks of matter and over time will turn into planets and moons orbiting them.

This is interesting because we are dealing with a similar situation in the case of Jupiter and its inner Galilean moons, viz. Io, Europe I galimedesem. This type of observation will allow scientists to better understand the process of formation of objects in the solar system, which were also born in a similar way several billion years ago.


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