Massive Logging: A neighborhood enraged by an ax criminal

Neighbors in a Brooklyn neighborhood in New York have had enough of their trees being vandalized, while an ax criminal has reportedly cut down more than a dozen in the area since August.

“It’s annoying — it’s frivolous. It’s intentional. We can all see it. This person is looking for attention. According to the “New York Post” on Wednesday, she’s bored, she’s angry, she’s attacking something vulnerable,” lamented landscaper Rigel Ferrin.

Eliza said the Greenpoint neighborhood has been on alert since August when three newly planted saplings at Transmitter Park were snapped in half, leaving volunteer amateur gardeners “devastated” by the vandals. The group told the NY Post.

A short time later, several trees were cut in two three blocks north of the park, according to US media.

At the end of September, the carnage was repeated in the same area when a large tree trunk was cut in two. Last week, the “NY Post” was able to observe that two more would have suffered the same fate.

“The blade mark looks so thin that I think someone would ask if we were using a real motor,” Julie Gamble, a bemused Transmitter Park team member, told the media outlet.

But beyond the vandalism, some consider the situation “disturbing” because a man “walks around the neighborhood at night with an ax,” says one of the volunteers, Stephanie Gregory.

The Parks Department, well aware of the problem, “will be sending out requests for photos, videos and evidence to local mailboxes in an effort to identify those responsible for this tree killing,” he told the media.

The issue of logging has gained a lot of attention recently, as a famous tree at Sycamore Cape in the United Kingdom, featured in the film Robin Hood, was cut down last week. One person was arrested in this case.

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