Janusz Roński did not want to return as Siara in Kilera 3. Cesare Bazora remembers the actor

Basement It is one of the most popular Polish comedies that penetrated the audiences’ consciousness for many years, and the symbolic texts and sayings are still used today. It’s no wonder that after two successful sequels, plans to create a trilogy returned years later. Such a return has become fashionable in cinemas and Cesare Bazura He expressed his desire to return. Store 3 It is officially created and is being worked on, but it recently died Janusz Rowinski, who played the famous role of Ciara, could have foiled the plans. The actor suspended his professional activity years ago, but fans were hoping that he could be persuaded to return. This wouldn’t be possible for obvious reasons, but Cesare Bazora has revealed that Janusz Rowinski wouldn’t want it anyway.

Janusz Rewiński did not want to return as Siara in Kilera 3

In a video posted on Zero’s YouTube channel, Cesare Bazora remembered his friend. It turns out that Janusz Rowinski didn’t want to return as Ciara Killer 3:

The last time I spoke to him on the phone – that was recently, a few months ago – was when I called him and asked him if he would play in Kiloeira 3, if such a movie is made. I heard on the phone: “No, thank you, I’m not interested.” These were the last words I heard from Janusz Rowinski: “No, thank you, I’m not interested.”

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