Settlers - These are not the settlers I've been waiting for (I wish I was wrong)

The thing about the title of the text is that it is short. So let me explain what I mean right away. settlers Is a production very similar to the beloved by the players?? The three?? I? Quad?? ?? Even fans of old songs settlers They must be happy. At least in the beginning, because it seems to me that the very simple gameplay and focus on online clashes with others (unfortunately or unfortunately, there will be a lot of them) will eventually bore a lot of people. Anyway, quickly get discouraged?? In beta, the game looks sketchy and not very diverse, and it doesn’t bode well for PvP clashes. Am I wrong about that?? under settlers I have a great feeling, because it is one of the most important soap operas of my childhood.

game info

  1. Title: settlers
  2. release date: 17 Mark 2022
  3. a program: PC only
  4. Closed beta tests: 20?? January 24
  5. Patterns of play: Campaign, Skirmishes (including PvP) and Attack (Skimmer with pre-set rules)

Where does this negative attitude come from?

I’m worried because the series is not in a straight line. If this general Ubisoft didn’t have much of a mod, yeah settlers They were constantly changing. The previous game, which came out five years ago, had elements of… hack?? n?? slash. Moreover, this side part is titled Heroes of Anteria Created on the basis of the canceled project Settlers: Kingdoms of Anteria And it turned out that the latter was great, even if it was forgotten and wrong?? At its peak, 198 people played it on Steam…

The path of the one who comes is also bumpy sitting. In 2018, in the happy times leading up to the pandemic, creators bragged about their work?? They were criticized a lot. A year later, we learned that this title would undergo major changes and not be released until 2020. Nothing like that happened and it took Ubisoft another two years to launch this product on the market. So I’m worried settlers ?? It is another game in the series that suffers from problems even before its first show.

Who are the new settlers?

The creators say it is a return to the roots. After all these experiences with the five and the six?? or?? Seventh?? And with the unfortunate spinoff mentioned above, we’re back in the formula from years ago. Just as in the times of innocent childhood, we will build farms, mills, and bakeries to feed the miners, and to make weapons with the ores they dug. The army funded with gold will defeat the enemy and we will return home with the shield. There would be a great deal of interest in the capacity of the roads, since only settlers on them would agree to transport goods.

Looks old school, right? However, some news will also appear, the biggest of which will be clashes with other players. Yes, do you hear right? Apart from the classic singles campaign, you will also be able to compete in PvP matches.

So it promises to be a fairly simple, uncomplicated and very old school game … Exactly, I have a problem whether it would be too cliched, and therefore quickly boring.

Can you see this form in The Settlers 3 and 4?

It’s a tough question. At first glance ?? Yes you see. True, I could only experience skirmish matches, but at first I felt as if I had traveled in time and the glorious 90s were about to come to an end. The problem is that the gameplay, despite its similarity to the old versions of the series, wasn’t fun for me like this when?? … Very simple economy, weak AI for opponents, no big differences between the available factions or high frequency of skirmishes.

These aren't the settlers I've been waiting for (I wish I was wrong) - Illustration #2

what are they ?? newsletter

However, the fact that the game is old school does not mean that the creators have not introduced some novelties. And that’s fine, it’s a pity that there are so few of them. what is the news? Oh, even the engineers. These are special units can we?? the same soldiers Guide by hand (ordinary settlers decide for themselves). The role of engineers is great. They erected buildings, occupied the territory (yes, it is not enough to build a guard on the border) or scavenge the land in search of raw materials (unfortunately, I did not hear happiness ?? Gopi ?? … ). They could also die from sick arrows or swords.

The food we produce can now be used to accelerate production in many buildings. Not only will miners benefit from it?? If we give them to a woodcutter, he will cut down more trees faster.

You will also find special places on the map ?? Could it be a leftover of what? A civilization, a wrecked ship, or a bandit camp. Capturing these sights will give you some useful rewards (for example, after sacrificing five tools, you will receive six weapons for recruiting soldiers).

There are more minor changes (for example, mines have unlimited ore resources). However, I get the impression that these novelties do not add much variety to the game.

These aren't the settlers I've been waiting for (I wish I was wrong) - Illustration #3

What factions can I play with?

W settlers Three factions will appear. So far I’ve been able to test two of them: the agricultural Elari and the harmony-seeking Maru. The latter will be the warrior Jorns, visually designed in the style of the Vikings. I’m just amazed that they are so similar?? They differ only in some military units, simple bonuses (in style: some have stronger buildings, others have cheaper fortresses), and visuals. Soon ?? There is not a lot of variety in the way.

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