Elections in Russia.  Ballot cards bearing the Russians’ “screams” began to spread on the Internet

The Russian RIA Novosti news agency announced that Aisen Nikolayev from Putin’s United Russia party won the election for governor of Yakutia state. The problem is that the information appeared half an hour before the polls closed. The Central Election Commission, which examined the protest in this regard, concluded that a “technical error” had occurred.

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“We have no choice”

Pictures of “opposition cards” – voting cards bearing handwritten comments from voters – began circulating on Russian social media. “No to war”, “Bring home the trench boys”, and “We have no choice” – to name a few. On ballot papers from areas near the border with Ukraine, voters wrote the names of destroyed Ukrainian cities and detained opponents.

The committee chairman wanted to run over the candidate

Apart from the “traditional” addition of ballot papers in Russia, several other serious incidents have occurred. The independent channel “Govorit Nemoskva” wrote on “Telegram” that one of the candidates was called to join the army the day before the elections, and on the day of the elections an unknown person punctured his car’s tires. According to bloggers, the head of one of the electoral committees went further when he deliberately ran over one of the candidates with his car.

Objective observers from Venezuela and Ecuador

Similar elections were held in the occupied parts of Ukraine that were temporarily incorporated into Russia (Crimea and the regions of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia). However, the administration also invited independent foreign observers from countries such as Ecuador and Venezuela.

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