They are benefiting from high rates of inflation.  They laugh at the interest offered by deposits

Poles are getting richer. We have more and more savings, which we mainly keep in a bank account. Interest is added to this money over time, but it is somewhat symbolic. Latest data NBP The average interest rate on deposits (accounts and deposits) turned out to be at the level of 0.03-0.3%.

However, this is not a hopeless situation. There is a way to take advantage of the highest period inflation for 20 years and turn it into a profit. It is enough to make the interest rate dependent on inflation.

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treasury bonds

Many people, who can also be called bondholders, use this option. Instead of giving money to the bank account, they give it (a loan) to the state, which in return pays generously.. Hook? You must freeze your money for a longer period (at least 4 years) and survive the first year of saving.


There is also, for example, a 10-year bond option, where the same rules apply, but with correspondingly higher rates. That’s 1.7 percent. In the first year of saving, and in the following years the interest rate is: inflation + 1%.

Vision At the level of 7-8 percent. It should be attractive on an annual basis. The state treasury guarantees the security of funds, and the minimum amount that can be invested is only PLN 100.

corporate bonds. Banks can pay more

With the help of debentures, money is borrowed not only by the state but also by companies. Interestingly, there are also banks that do not want to give even 1%. When depositing, but In bonds they pay interest in an amount several times higher.

– However, a different index is used in corporate bonds instead of inflation. This is the rate of WIBOR – pointed out in an interview with the money Mikhaish Sadrak, Website Expert.


WIBOR is the interest rate set on the interbank market. The same thing that depends on, for example, mortgage loan installments which mainly results from the interest rates set by the Monetary Policy Council (MPC). Because of the actions the board has taken to stem rampant inflation, rates and WIBOR are on the rise. This increases the bond’s attractiveness.

For example, Allor Bank issued bonds in the past, for which it now pays interest around 3%, in addition to WIBOR6M. Currently, it is about 5 percent in total. every year. Allure Bank customers can only dream about interest rates on deposits.

At current WIBOR rates, Bank Millennium is paying around 4.3%, Pekao 3.5%, and Leszek Czarnecki Getin Noble up to 7%. Then there are a lot of other companies. From state-controlled ones to small, medium and large private companies.

everybody As inflation and interest rates increase, they will earn more and more. Interests can only decline if the MPC returns to the path of cuts. However, this is not a realistic scenario at the moment.


A large group of bonds. You have to be careful

Currently, four out of five bond issues on the stock market are based on WIBOR. values ​​responsible for 96 percent of the entire market Sadrak recounts and admits that this is very good news for bondholders.

He maintains that the same method of fixing the interest rate based on the WIBOR rate does not mean that these bonds, for example, are riskier than those that have the same fixed rate of interest all the time.

– This is due to the fact that the investors themselves want a variable interest rate. Since these are often large players, institutions with capital, they can impose conditions on the Polish market, which is still relatively underdeveloped – explains the expert.


– supposed to The barrier may be 3.5-4 percent. + Webor. In general, companies that make such an offer have a fairly stable position – Michel Chedder points out.

At the same time confirms it Corporate bonds are not the same as government bonds It is guaranteed by the state and you should always consider the situation of the specific company whose bonds you want to buy.

So as not to repeat the famous story of GetBack Bonds. A few years ago, the debt collector left investors in the open, who lost a total of several billion zlotys.

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