Does Kate Middleton look like a princess in her latest video?

Princess Catherine has her double role, she is not officially studying and she is invited in a flood of rumours.

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Heidi Agan, who has made a living out of her resemblance to Kate Middleton for twelve years, says it's not her in the princess' new video, despite speculation.

Ever since Prince William's wife was hospitalized, radio silence, communication service failures and rare blurry photos of her “stolen” car have sparked rumors in Great Britain and elsewhere. A recent video of Catherine and her husband smiling while carrying shopping bags in a supermarket parking lot (not a blur!), only restarts the machine. Any image would become suspicious and netizens wondered if it was actually the prince couple.

The Mirror also went to interview Heidi Agan, who is “officially” known as the princess lookalike Elvis Presley.

“There has been some speculation as to whether Kate and William were in these pictures and photos,” the 43-year-old told the Mirror. In fact, my own social media has gone crazy because people think it's me, but I know it's not. »

So it wasn't her, she proves it: “I was at work at the time, so I knew it wasn't me,” she said. Even better: she thinks the video is real. “I 100% believe Kate Middleton and William are in this video. »

Tired of these rumors and speculations, the prince is on the same line as the twin palaces: he announced that online discussions about Kate Middleton's health and whereabouts should stop. According to Heidi Akan, the princess is “so alive, we can be sure of that”.

“It's all gone too far. It started as a 'where's Kate' joke but now it's turned into a drama, so it needs to stop,” he believes.

Not sure that his opinion affects the course of events, which are spiraling out of control day by day.

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