Aryna Sabalenka He is currently one of the best tennis players in the world and has already achieved many sporting successes. At the start of the year, the 25-year-old won, for example Australian Open Championshipand recently reached the finals us Open, Where she was ultimately defeated before Coco Jouf. Despite finishing second in the Grand Slam tournament, the Belarusian officially won on Monday She became the leader in the WTA rankings, And thus dethroned I will heal you.

As is often the case with sports stars, the media’s attention is not only on Aryna Sabalenka’s career, but also on her Her private life. It is known that the Belarusian tennis player has been in a relationship with someone for several years Konstantin Koltsov. The 25-year-old’s partner was a professional hockey player and represented Belarus twice at the Olympic Games. Before Koltsov became involved with the tennis player, he was married, and this fact causes the greatest emotions in the media. Several years ago The hockey player’s ex-wife suggested that Sabalenka dissolve her marriage.

Did Sabalenka break up her current partner’s family? The hockey player’s ex-wife suggested their relationship

Konstantin Koltsov met his (now ex-wife) while playing clubs in the United States. Yulia Mikhailova, Because that is the name of the hockey player’s ex-partner, she bore him three sons – Daniel, Alexander and Stephen the Younger, Who was born in 2019. Shortly after the birth of their third child, Koltsov’s marriage officially broke up, which the athlete’s wife announced to the world. In April 2020, Mikhailovna posted on her personal Instagram page: In which she announced her separation from her husband. Interestingly, she has joined this post Romantic photo with Kołcow, Revealing that she captured the last moment when they were happy together.

Our family could not cope with a year without Konstantin’s job, with a child (…) and the Corona virus. It happens…and it hurts. At least some partners! (…) – I wrote on the Internet at the time. But it didn’t end there.

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The woman also added a plea to her post, which attracted particular media attention. Mikhailova openly addressed women “Clinging to other people’s husbands.” In the photo with Kołtsov attached to the post, she tagged… Aryna Sabalenka, Which suggests that the tennis player contributed to the collapse of their marriage.

Calling all girls who are clingy to other people’s husbands and have children in the family! This is despicable! This is the most wonderful and happiest time, but at the same time the most difficult, because a young child consumes a lot of strength, energy and time… Maybe you will be there too one day. – Written in 2020.

Did Sabalenka have an affair with her partner while he was married? The man spoke

Sabalenka and Koltsov are 17 years older than her They officially announced their relationship in 2021. According to Przegląd Sportowy, in 2020, the tennis player increasingly appeared in the matches of the team in which Konstantin worked as an assistant. It is not known exactly when the relationship between the couple began. Shortly after Koltsov’s ex-wife saw the light of day, he spoke out He confirmed that Sabalenka had nothing to do with his divorce.

Great request, folks, if you are people Leave Aryna Sabalenka alone, she has nothing to do with this! She is a great person and athlete Who doesn’t deserve global wrath. I hope. To understand – he wrote on Instagram.

Sabalenka and Koltsov are still together today, and their relationship seems to be thriving. The tennis player willingly publishes photos in the company of her lover on her official profile, reporting, among other things, about traveling together. In 2022, she showed up with a bouquet of flowers, naming her lover after her lover, for example “The best man in the world” They claim this “He makes her happy every day.” In April, Sabalenka publicly celebrated her partner’s 42nd birthday. The Belarusian then posted a recording online containing several shots of her and Koltsov. She ended the whole thing with a declaration of love.

I love you. I wish you all the best dear. You are my dearest person, my best friend and my greatest support (…). I hope we can achieve everything we have planned – I wrote.

It should be noted that Sabalenka was already engaged in the past. The tennis player announced the happy news in November 2019. However, she never revealed the identity of her then partner.

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How do you leave a woman with 3 children?

Arina hits the target…on the field and in her private life, as you can see.

I will never respect people who break up someone’s family/marriage/relationship.

Looks like she can do it

Arina is heading to her destination…

Latest comments (90)

A friend of mine left his wife because she gave birth to a daughter who was partially mentally disabled. We have such men.

She’s a strange girl, she doesn’t arouse sympathy, she feels fake. I don’t watch her play and feel bad for Edzee’s struggles with her. Maybe I’m wrong to write her off, but she’s smart. When I read it, I was sure of my beliefs.

Cichopkowa has destroyed two families and has fans.

A changing narrative…

1 hour ago

But if a woman with children leaves her husband for her boyfriend, well done, go girl, you deserve to be happy. Then all the ladies pee their panties with joy because the woman has broken up the family and taken their happy kids and dads home. Women’s hypocrisy, narcissism, and selfishness.

Why does everyone say “I broke the family” when he is a saint? She did not take it by force. It seemed like he was looking for something different than he was in his marriage. No, it will be different. If he didn’t want to, he wouldn’t have left

Yes, yes, he continued the story that it is the foreign woman who dissolves the marriage. It does not matter to the man who quits his job because he is bored and tired of everyday life. It doesn’t matter what a man does to his children and then decides it’s out of his control. guess what? Maybe my wife too, but she doesn’t have a choice like you – she takes it and leaves. This is the man’s fault, Amen. If he didn’t want to, it was because Arina didn’t pull him away from his family

He also wanted to leave me with three children for a younger girl who was empty and nothing. Full bottom. She fought like a lioness for him. He stayed with me. The biggest mistake of my life. He broke down, I stopped loving him, and if he really loved me, he would never look at anyone else… If I let him go, maybe today we would be happy. Good advice for those who are going through this – put your bags behind their door, don’t fight, because the person who hurt you is not worth fighting for!

There is no such thing as breaking her/keeping her husband away from his wife :)! If a man does not want to leave his wife, he will not leave her. As the saying goes… it takes two to tango. He left because he wanted to leave. I know what I’m talking about because I’ve been in the same situation. At first, I blamed this “other woman”, but over time I realized that it was not her who broke up my family, but my husband who decided to leave the family.

Konstantin knew very well what it meant to live without money, when he had no work for a year. He abandoned his wife and children at a difficult time for them. Arina may believe in prickly feelings, but I don’t. I think so, but in his selfless affection for Arena’s money. Without any scruple, he traded his family, wife and children for a tennis player’s money and a comfortable life. Although he will pretend that is not the case.


3 hours ago

There is no such thing as breaking up a relationship. When you love someone and want to be with them, you are there and you don’t look around. If a man is looking for another woman, it means that he is in the house (because it cannot be called a relationship or marriage) only out of comfort or fear. It doesn’t matter whether you’re this or the next, but I love my wife, there’s no girlfriend here, because if there was one, there wouldn’t be a knock on the door… another…

He has 3 children. Were you surprised that your husband ran away?! seriously ?

So the eater took him? Maybe you’re still paying for his expenses? The wife makes the deal of a lifetime, and Arina rushes to the WTA tournaments to provide a luxurious life for his ex-wife and children. It is called win-win in English. Arina has a boyfriend and ex-wife fucked the old man without advertising on OLX.

History is known to the world, and there is nothing we can do about it

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