Defend your home.  Zelenskiy publishes a film about "The five worst days in the life of every Ukrainian."  Watch the recording

Zelensky wrote on Facebook and posted a video, beginning with the frame with the inscription: “We can do it. We will endure. We will defend our land to the end”:

“It was the worst five days in the life of every Ukrainian.”

A compilation of less than a minute shows the Russian air strikes and their aftermath – destroyed buildings and fires.

“We are here to defend our homeland. We are proud of our heroes”

– We read.

There is also part of an exchange of views between a Russian ship attacking Snake Island and asking them to lay down their arms, and between its defenders, ending with the words of the Ukrainian soldier:Russian warship, please! “.

“We are happy with the good news, even when the sirens go off” – added in the video, showing a frame with children in the basement and a photo of a newborn at the shelter. There are also, among other things, frames from the metro platform, which serves as a shelter, and a video of a cat’s petting (Ukrainians evict their animals).

Moreover, you can see, among other things, scenes of burning military equipment and unarmed people stopping the tank.

“Ukraine! Death to the enemies!” – Heard in the recording. “We keep fighting. We will defend our land. We cannot be stopped.”

– It was written.

Source: PAP,

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