January 27, 2023


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Covit-19: According to PHAC, "not time" for booster dose

Covit-19: According to PHAC, “not time” for booster dose

While most people have already been double-vaccinated against Govt-19, Canadian data now provide “good protection” against serious cases because “there is no time for a booster dose”.

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The Public Health Institute of Canada (PHAC) based its cause on the low rate of severe Govt-19 cases diagnosed in people who have been vaccinated twice.

However, “the door is definitely not closed because the immune system lasts over time [des vaccins], It is certain that the population will shrink as a whole, ”said Dr. Howard Enjo, PHAC’s Assistant Administrator.

He said discussions on the need for a booster dose were ongoing between the federal agency and provincial health officials.

Quebec Dialysis is authorized to administer the third dose to people with immunodeficiency and those with CHSLDs or those in private residences for the elderly (RPA).

Merck likes the pill

D.R. Njoo pharmaceutical company Merck described antiviral therapy with pills as “promising”.

The worst symptoms associated with Govit-19 are taken twice a day for four days and for five days.

Many allies are in the process of concluding agreements with the pharmaceutical industry. Canada is still in discussions with the company.

The latter has already been submitted to Health Canada, which has begun a “quick process” to adopt this promising treatment.

Merck’s antiviral pill approval will see “a lot”, டாக்டர்R. Come.

Downward trend for the first time since July

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For the first time since mid-July, the national outbreak is no longer on the rise, especially due to better vaccine protection and more stringent health restrictions in some areas, the PHAC underlined on Friday.

If this trend continues, the number of new Covid-19 positive cases and the number of hospitals are expected to decline accordingly.

D.Re PHAC CEO Theresa Tom has unveiled a new “confident, but cautious” model in the coming weeks.

Data from the national level indicate that the number of positive cases for COVID-19 is 10 times higher among the unvaccinated population. This number is 36 times higher than hospital admissions.

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