Corona Virus.  RCB once again vaccinates NATO Headquarters staff against COVID-19

Government Security Center It will re-vaccinate the staff of NATO Headquarters.

More than 30 Polish doctors (doctors, nurses and paramedics) left Thursday to vaccinate about 3.5 thousand employees NATO headquarters in Brussels.

The project is scheduled to be coordinated by RCB on December 9-12.

“The staff of NATO headquarters will receive the third dose of the vaccine from the hands of Polish doctors, and this is a continuation of the campaign from March, May and June,” said the State Center for Security.

The mission organized by the Polish side is in response to the invitation of the Alliance. “By carrying out this measure, the Polish medical team will contribute to ensuring the operational continuity of the NATO leadership and once again confirm loyalty and readiness for cooperation in the international arena” – reported RCB.

Austria: Compulsory vaccination against COVID-19. More stringent restrictions planned

Solidarity is our export mark – The Director of the Governmental Center for Security said Colonel Konrad Kurbowsky.

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