comfort to the middle class.  How to settle accounts with your wife?

Instead of the stated facilities, the Polish system introduced chaos. The teachers were the first to feel the problemswho saw lower payments on their accounts. The government has already announced that it will prepare an appropriate regulation to fill a gap in the regulations, but it may turn out to be just a point in the ocean of needs. Problems have already been reported by couples who don’t know if they will be able to take advantage of the middle-class tax break.

The middle class discount will be available to people whose annual gross income is between PLN 68,412 and PLN 133,692.. In the case of employees, the exemption is settled by the employer and the payer. The employer is obliged to take into account the middle-class allowance, calculating the amount of the advance payment from the PIT every month in each case when the monthly income of the employee from the employment relationship is between PLN 5701 and PLN 11141, unless the employee submits an application to the employer that the allowance does not apply – the accountant explains Christian Wodnyak.

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After exceeding the amount of revenue of PLN 133,692 with one employer, the exemption must not be collected, since it can be applied only if the total revenue received in the tax year does not exceed the amount of PLN 133,692.

– Such a situation may occur, for example, when in the first months of the year an employee receives a high annual bonus for the achievements of the previous year, and his monthly income in the remaining months varies between 5701-11141 PLN, so he is eligible for relief, while the sum of Revenue from the beginning of the year will exceed PLN 133,692 – explains Małgorzata Sambourska, partner and tax advisor at Grant Thornton in Explanations for Tax Credit.

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