January 28, 2023


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China has announced successful tests of a rocket that takes people to the moon

China has announced successful tests of a rocket that takes people to the moon

The Middle Kingdom has been openly talking about plans for a long time Sending astronauts to the moon. The government wanted to do this even before the United States. Although it seemed unreal a few months ago, there are problems with the American missile space launch system From NASA may change the situation a little.

The Chinese are following the Americans. A large Chinese space station is being built in Earth orbit, and the first tests of powerful engines for a giant rocket called long walk 9which is expected to take people to the moon as early as 2026.

The Long March 9 missile is expected to be three times more powerful than the The Long March 5 . Missiles. The Chinese boast that he will be able not only to launch new items from the new Tiangong space station into orbit, but also to deliver a group of astronauts, robots and heavy equipment to the lunar surface.

He will deliver the missile Lifting capacity 140 tons in low Earth orbit and 55 tons on the lunar surface. According to the plans, at the moment, a smaller version of it will be created based on the Long March 5 rocket. It will consist of three Long March 5 cores with a diameter of 5 meters each. Meanwhile, the Long March 9 rocket will be powered by a full set of engines. The first is YF-79. It is a unit designed to operate the third stage of the rocket. The system runs on liquid hydrogen and oxygen.

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but that is not all. Soon the exams will be passed too YF-90 hydrogen and oxygen engine. Two such units are scheduled to power the second stage of Long March 9. The engine will generate thrust of 220 tons. CNSA also reports tests of the largest two-chamber engine, the YF-130. Four such units to drive the main stage of the rocket. It must be powered by kerosene and oxygen and generate up to 500 tons of thrust each.

China’s space agency plans to build a second-generation Long March 9 rocket. US spacecraft From Elon Musk. This means that the rocket will be recovered and returned on missions to space. For now, Americans shouldn’t be afraid of the Chinese. There is no chance that someone will prevent them from returning to the Moon for the first time in the 21st century, but it is certain that if the Chinese appeared there, they would colonize it faster.