Caroline Nero was hospitalized

Boyfriend with her Luck, She can be seen crying in the hospital before and after the surgery.

«The second time, I had to have surgery on my larynx, nothing dramatic, but I was forced to enter a week of silence! Some people around me will surely be happy

My life has been a whirlwind… The past few years have been especially full of emotions and rebuilding your reputation as an entrepreneur and starting a business.
Unfortunately, as a result of accumulated physical and mental fatigue, a polyp reappeared in my cords.
Lately, I’ve been more stressed about controlling my voice than appreciating these great opportunities that are forming around me.

I’m going to take advantage of this silence to take time to appreciate where life has taken me following the trials… Karma, I believe is as hard as iron!!!

For those who face temptation… courage… one day at a time! ✌️

PS: You will definitely see me miming on the network because it’s not in my nature to do nothing!

We send out a great deal of good energy Caroline And we wish him a speedy recovery!

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