Cannes: A tribal filmmaker excluded from the red carpet because of his moccasins

Tribal filmmaker Kelvin Redvers, 75, said he was recently denied permission to enter the red carpet.e Edition of the Cannes Film Festival because he wore moccasins and then he was able to wear it.

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“I grew up with my culture, moccasins are important. I understand there are some rules about the dress code on the red carpet. So, I thought it would be acceptable if I wore a tuxedo, a bow tie and a piece that shows I am tribal,” said Dene, a director from the Northwest Territories on Saturday. Told the CBC.

“In many cultures in Canada, moccasins are considered traditional and formal clothing,” he said.

Kelvin Redwars traveled to France with a group of Native filmmakers and was invited to the film’s premiere Almond trees Franco-Italian actress Valeria Bruni Tedeski, screened on May 22nd.

However, the director told several major national media outlets that officials from the festival’s security service prevented him from approaching. He was then allowed to return to the red carpet with different shoes.

“Things like this are hard to digest. It still saddens me to think about it. I was disappointed and angry,” he explained when he returned to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Kelvin Redvers says he has been excited for some time to wear brown loafers made by his sister.

In the hours following the incident, the director said he had met with senior officials of the festival, who apologized and invited them to wear loafers on the red carpet during the film’s presentation. Future offenses David Kronenberg, Monday.

This week, the filmmaker said on Facebook that he hoped the event would send a message that “traditional tribal clothing around the world will be fully accepted in formal settings such as the red carpet.”

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