Canada.  Restrictions for international students.  There is a known issue in the background

“Unscrupulous actors have taken advantage of international students for too long, exposing them to abuse and exploitation. I announced today New information regarding programs for international students“Which aims to ensure system integrity and sustainable development,” he wrote. Canadian Immigration Minister Mark Miller.

Reform concerns first and foremost Number of visas issued to foreign students. The government announced that NIn the years 2024-2025, the number of documents will be limited. This year about 360 thousand. Foreign citizens will be given the opportunity to study in Canada. This means that compared to the previous year, the number of permits issued has decreased Q35 Proc. For 2025, the limits will be announced at the end of this year.

Canada limits the number of foreign students

Minister Miller stressed this Programs that offer classes to students from other countries “are notorious for a lack of supervision and do not provide a high-quality academic experience,” Which Canada is famous for.” Therefore, as of September, post-graduation work permits (PGWP) will no longer be issued to graduates.

“In the coming weeks We will no longer issue work permits The politician said: “Spouses of foreign students, except for master’s and doctoral students.” At the same time, he added, “International students enrich Canadian communities, however The country has a duty Ensuring they have the resources they need to succeed in Canada.

“We will continue to implement reforms to ensure and maintain the integrity of the program High academic level in Canada“- announced the minister.

Canada. Who will be affected by the restrictions?

However, it is worth emphasizing this The restrictions will not apply to visas for students who wish to continue their studies, students writing master's theses and doctoral students.

In 2022, more than 808,000 foreign students obtained Canadian visas. A few months ago, Miller said the number of visas for 2023 would triple the number of students from 10 years ago. For comparison, in 2024-2026 Canada plans to accept approximately 1.5 million immigrants.

The boundaries will be distributed between provinces and territories, with the greatest restrictions affecting those provinces where the number of international students has increased most rapidly recently. As announced in some places Visa restrictions for students will be up to 50%.

Deputy Foreign Minister in “Guest of Events”: The Law and Justice Party created a caricature of a legal institution/Polsat News/Polsat News

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