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Where do the boys come from? The The world-famous South Korean gay-pop band decided to live in their homeland, closer to family and friends than living abroad. The luck they have achieved has allowed them to buy luxury apartments in exclusive areas of Seoul.

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All of this was the result of the efforts of seven members of the band, who originally shared bedrooms and even clothes because they did not have much resources. Today everyone is free and has invested in real estate by buying luxury undergraduate apartments.

What is the home value of BTS?

The BTS band has a luxurious residence in exclusive locations in Seoul overlooking the Han River where members often sleep during promotions.

This unique residence is considered one of the most beautiful and impressive because ‘The Hills’ apartments won an architectural award in 2013. This is the area where Seoul figures and prominent politicians live.

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Where do BTS boys live?


Recently, the BDS dancer bought an apartment in a luxurious area of ​​Nine Hannam. The statue won a total of $ 5.9 billion, equivalent to $ 5.3 million. The money was paid in cash.


The BTS chairman has registered two properties, one of which is an apartment on Hannam The Hill worth $ 4 million. He bought the same area of ​​Jimin, his new home for $ 5.96 million. In addition, it invests a lot in areas with a large security protocol.

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Golden Magne house with $ 7.6 million and built in 1976. The property is located in Seoul’s Bohemian neighborhood of Itevan, where most foreigners live. This two-storey property is over 630 square meters and is leased to a foreign company. Prior to that home, Jungak owned an apartment on the Seoul Forest Trimming campus for $ 1.74 million, but he sold it.


Jin first became independent and bought a residence in the same area where BDS was. He has $ 3.7 million in assets.


Jay-Hope owns an apartment in Seoul Forest Trimj, in addition, his parents are neighbors of the Super Junior band Leiduk, one of K-Pop’s most representative groups. The property value of the statue is $ 1.2 million.


The rapper of the BDS band bought the 3 million winning house where he lives in Ann Village, an exclusive area for Korean celebrities and politicians. With an area of ​​244.19 square meters, this apartment is located near the Han River.


Tahhyung decided to live in Samsung-Tong, Gangnam. His property is valued at $ 4.55 million and it is a private apartment because there are only 17 properties. The apartment is 282.73 square meters and has an incredible view of the Han River, one of the main attractions of South Korea, with a panoramic view of its glass windows.

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