BMW i3 with plug disconnected.  This model will be discontinued in the summer

It’s hard to believe, but the BMW i3 has been on the market for almost ten years. this car It will go down in history Not only a successful builder of the Munich brand, but also as a great electrician. Such a long production is the result of the high interest of customers in this model – especially in Europe.

But nothing lasts forever. The German brand has just announced that the last car will roll off the assembly line in Leipzig this summer.

The BMW i3 is one of the best electricians on the market

With this car, the Munich brand proved that producing a luxury electric car makes sense. Bold design and a specific interior also turned out to be a plus – the market fell in love with this car. Customers in Europe willingly decided to purchase the i3, and the increased interest during the pandemic meant that the Germans “prolonged” the life of the youngest electric in the brand’s range.

Interestingly, the situation in the United States was completely different. over there Attention to the i3 model It decreased from year to year. As a result, production of the variant adapted to the US market was discontinued a year ago.

The BMW i3 is without a doubt a stunning design. The defined platform, combined with the carbon fiber construction and carbon fiber reinforced plastic, was light and utterly futuristic. Interestingly, despite almost ten years, the neck still looks great.

The Germans were also consistent and regularly updated this car. Thanks to the new batteries, traveling up to 300 kilometers on a single charge wasn’t a problem. This is not a great result, but it is worth noting that the car was developed with urban use in mind.

The end of the BMW i3 production

Another advantage is that the entire chassis has been adapted to the needs of an electric vehicle. Narrow tires significantly reduced rolling resistance, and good aerodynamics increased the range by a few precious kilometers. At the same time, impressive driving characteristics have been preserved, which can surprise many drivers.

The BMW i3 will have no successor

At least not directly. This experience is over. Now the brand will direct customers to other cars. Will definitely share the location of this car NEW ELECTRIC MINIWhich we should know about at any moment. In addition, it will appear in the brand display BMW iX1 (and possibly the i1), the electric version of the upcoming X1 and Series 1 we know.

The i3 designation, in turn, will go to the electric version of the Series 3. There is a good chance that this car will also be presented in the European market.

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