Bloodborne for PC was in development but was removed by the Horizon Zero Dawn port.  Presumably Studio Virtuos is to blame

Rumors about a potential sequel or PC port of Bloodborne are coming back like boomerangs. Recent rumors, shared this time during a recent podcast on The Wild Project channel, show that a port is indeed in development, but has been canceled due to… Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition for PC.

According to user BaityBait, with over 160,000 Twitch followers, the Virtuos team involved in bringing Aloy’s adventure to PC “failed at some point,” so the port had to be fixed by the game’s original creators – the Guerrilla Games team. This stretched the work, as well as causing Sony to no longer trust Virtuos, the studio that was also supposed to be responsible for the PC port of Bloodborne.

The Japanese company, according to leaks (this time from September 2022 from Jeff Grubb), wanted to bring in From Software (the original creators of Soulslike) to port their gem to another platform, but the creators were too busy first with Elden Ring and now a new installment of the Armored Core brand, so They were not interested in working with the developers of the PlayStation consoles.

In light of this information, it looks like we won’t be seeing a remaster or PC port of Bloodborne in the near future.

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