Billionaire according to reports from Moscow: the generals were stealing 10 billion dollars.  Gathered for war in Ukraine

born in Russia Leonid Nevzlin left for Israel in 2003, thus avoiding a life sentence for which he had been sentenced for conspiracy and alleged murder. Half Walks The billionaire announced his resignation of Russian citizenship. “Everything Putin touches dies,” he wrote at the time.

The billionaire constantly comments on the situation in Russia. This time, he provided several letters that he was expected to obtain from his Moscow sources.

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Kowal: Western politicians should understand that Russia is a structural danger

The war in Ukraine. Billionaire: About 10 billion stolen dollars are prepared for war

On Facebook, Nevzlin provided some information regarding the government of Vladimir Putin. “Shoigu Out of the game “We read. According to the information provided by the businessman, the Russian Defense Minister. Sergei Shoigu He is currently in the intensive care unit after a severe heart attack. “Even if he survived, he would be disabled,” writes Nevzlin. Reports of an attack on the head of the Russian Defense Ministry appeared at the end of March. But at that time, the Russian Ministry of National Defense responded to the order, By posting a video of the alleged Shoigu meeting. Soon, the minister on several occasions Appear in public.

Another piece of information shared by the businessman concerns the generals of the Ministry of Defense. According to Nevzlin’s sources, 20 of them were to be arrested in connection with the embezzlement of funds intended for preparation for a clash with Ukraine. “About 10 billion have been stolen since 2014 dollar Putin intended to prepare a blitzkrieg ”, as we have read. In addition, the arrest of Putin’s former adviser, Vladislav Surkov, was scheduled in connection with the case. The information that a Russian politician and businessman will be under house arrest was given days ago by opposition activist Ilya Ponomariov..

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Russian-Israeli billionaire on reports from Moscow

Nezlin also states that a criminal case will be prepared against the former Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Arkady Dvorkovich, who served in the Russian government until 2018. He is to testify against his colleagues and friends. ” As we read, according to FSB sources, the politician may be transferred to the Matrosskaya detention center Tiszyn or Lefortovsky Prison.

In mid-March in an interview with an American magazine “Mother JonesDvorkovich condemned the war, emphasizing at the time that I was thinking of Ukrainian civilians, noting that “wars do not only kill priceless lives. Wars destroy hopes and aspirations.”

Władimir Kara-Murza during his visit to the European Solidarity Center in Gdansk, June 3, 2019.Russian opposition activist arrested. Talk about the “killers system”.


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