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Pedro Pascal of The Last of Us explains how faithful the show is to the game

Pedro Pascal of The Last of Us explains how faithful the show is to the game

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April 14, 2022 at 12:51

Pedro Pascal tells about The Last of Us. The actor comments on how faithful the show is to games.

during intelligence for GQ where Pedro Pascal I talked about the movie The unbearable burden of great talentthe actor He also commented on the movie adaptation of the game the last of usWhere you will play the role of Joel. The problem with movie mods in games is that they don’t always look the way fans would like them to, and they often change many of the stories that were in the prototypes. So it’s not surprising that many players are starting to fear it a series the last of us It will be faithful to the original.

Will The Last of Us be faithful to the game?

During the interview, Pedro Pascal could not reveal all the information about the series, which is why he grumbled a little in his speech. However, a certain spark of hope awakens from the words with which the star explains it The series was created for people who “love the game”And for those who haven’t played it yet, a deep story will be presented.

More work on the series

Due to the serial format, the creators will be able to develop several well-known threads from the game, as well as add new ones. Over time, writers and producers will certainly receive satisfied or critical votes from players, and if the series turns out to not live up to the hopes placed in it, then Hopefully the developers won’t be deaf to fans’ opinions.

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