Betelgeuse was created by the merger of two stars?  Scientists have a theory

Betelgeuse is a massive star located in the Orion constellation. that it One of the brightest points in the night sky On the ground. So it is not surprising that it has fascinated and captured people’s attention for a very long time. The red giant has a mass of about 15-20 solar masses. How was this huge body created? A team of astronomers has a new theory on this topic and ran interesting simulations.

The star exhibits some properties not usually seen in red supergiants. It contains many heavy elements and nitrogen in its outer atmosphere and rotates rapidly. A team of astronomers decided to search for answers to questions related to these anomalies, and for this purpose they used advanced computer models.

Research has shown that Betelgeuse is capable of this Formed from the merger of two smaller stars. Binary systems in the Milky Way are not unusual. Most likely, the end result was the merger of stars of different masses. Objects with 16 and 4 solar masses were used in the simulation. The analysis shows that such a merger in the case of Betelgeuse would have to take place quietly and would not last long. Eventually, the star turned into a massive red giant.

Unfortunately, this is still a theory, but it can be confirmed after a more detailed examination of the star’s chemical composition. However, this will only be possible after a supernova, i.e. a huge explosion, when the body throws a significant portion of matter into space, and matter from deeper places comes to the surface and can then be better examined.

However, this will not happen in our time. Although Betelgeuse has changed brightness in recent years, scientists say this does not necessarily indicate an impending supernova. The process may not be completed until around PLN 50,000-100,000. Years. Only then will it be possible to more carefully examine the proportions of elements that will confirm or disconfirm the new theory regarding the formation of the red giant.

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