Benefits for anti-communist opposition activists have increased significantly.  “Such miracles before the elections.”

Monthly cash benefits for anti-communist opposition activists have nearly tripled since Sept. 1. One of the recipients indicated this in the information sent to Kontakt 24. He wrote: “Pension is low. This allowance is needed. It is a pity that they have now thought of it to buy our votes.”

actually Contact 24 Receive information From the netizen who, as he said, as a person who was repressed for political reasons in the past and imprisoned in 1981, receives a pension allowance – a cash subsidy for opposition anti-communist activists.

– So far I have received an allowance of PLN 565.67. Today I noticed that I received an allowance of PLN 1,544.88. I called the VA. I figured out that from now on this will be the allowance. Such miracles before the elections – said Mr. Julian.

In his opinion, “pensions are low.” – This add-on is needed. He commented, “It’s unfortunate that they’ve thought of it now to buy our votes.”

Increase interest. Office advertisement

Earlier, in mid-August, the Office of Veterans and Victims of Repression announced on social media that “from September 1 of this year, regulations will come into force to increase the monthly cash benefit for anti-communist opposition activists to a minimum pension amount.” “, currently PLN 1,588.44.”

“On August 18 this year, in the late afternoon, the law to change the amount of financial benefits for anti-communist opposition activists was published in the Journal of Laws. This means that it will enter into force on September 1 of this year.” – marked.

He explained that the benefit – as before – will be granted by a decision of the head of the office at the request of one of the authorized persons.

“Not requiring an administrative decision to be issued will only apply to changes in the amount of cash benefits that have already been granted. This means that anti-communist opposition activists who have not yet benefited from cash benefits must submit a one-time application to the office for the granting of this,” she reported. The allowance is in accordance with the new regulations, without the need to meet the income criterion.

He explained that in the case of people who have previously benefited from the subsidy, the benefit will be disbursed without the need to issue additional decisions.

Previously, the President of the Republic of Poland signed the Law of July 13, 2023 amending the Law on Public Finance and some other laws, which increases the amount of monthly cash benefits for anti-communist opposition activists and persons repressed for political reasons. Andrzej Duda.

“The amount of the cash benefit will be increased to the amount equivalent to the minimum pension announced by the head of the social insurance institution, which is currently PLN 1,588.44. This amount will be subject to the index. Until now, the cash benefit was paid in the amount of PLN 565.67 per month,” the Office for Veterans and Victims of Persecution.

Government project

The change in the amount of the allowance was based on an amendment to the Public Finance Law, the draft of which was submitted to the House of Representatives at the beginning of July. On July 13, the law was approved by a majority of representatives. The Senate did not make any amendments to it.

On August 14, President Andrzej Duda signed the amendment.

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