Bank Pekao - fake SMS messages.  Warning from scammers

Bank spokesperson Bowie Jurek stated on Twitter that the scammers are pretending to be Pekao Bank and are sending fake messages to customers. A representative of Pekao Bank calls for caution and assures that the bank does not send such text messages.

Pawe Jurek posted a sample message sent by scammers: “PEKAO: We have limited access to your account due to suspicious activity, to verify your visit to the site (original spelling – editor)”.

Then the cybercriminals provided a link that redirects you to a fake bank website.

“We do not send such SMS. Do not click on the link and enter your login details. Of course, this is not our website. Be careful” – a bank spokesperson pleaded on Twitter.

The PFSA’s Computer Security Response Team also reported the collision. He said on social media.

Another warning

This is another such scam warning that appeared recently.

In March, the Polish financial sector’s Computer Security Incident Response Team warned of false emails, which pretend to be letters from ING Bank. You may lose your money by logging into the fake website linked to the message.

Also in March, the KNF team warned of fake emails impersonated by cybercriminals under PKO BP He gave wrong information about the current account being charged.

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