“At that moment, I couldn't move”: Monia Chokri looks back on the unexpected success of her film “Simple as Sylvain” at the César festival

The surprise was total. Monia Chokri, on Friday evening, was in shock for several minutes after learning of his joke. As simple as Sylvain It won the César Award for Best Foreign Film, notably breaking the film Oppenheimer D Christopher Nolan.

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“Then I couldn't move. I really don't understand. It took me a while to realize [de ce qui arrivait]», the Quebec director said on Saturday, the day after he won the César Festival, the giant population of French cinema.

We can understand his surprise. In the days leading up to the ceremony, Monia Chogri was repeatedly told by her French press agent that a small miracle would happen. As simple as Sylvain Won the César Award for Best Foreign Film. Notably, the famous American-British filmmaker Christopher Nolan will be in the room to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Now the miracle happened.

“I know my film is popular in France,” he says. I realized that because many people told me that they voted for me. But to win against Nolan in the room was so ridiculous in my eyes, I didn't believe it. But it happened and it looks great! “

Monia Chogri made the room laugh by telling Christopher Nolan “I'm so sorry” when she went to collect her prize on stage at the Olympia in Paris. Did you get a chance to talk to her after the ceremony?

“No, so my only interaction with him in my life was: 'I'm so sorry, Mr. Nolan,'” she says with a laugh.

“My Life is Beautiful”

The Quebec director also underlined her gratitude in her speech, saying the life she has is bigger than she ever dreamed.

“When I said that, I was obviously referring to everything that's going on with me, but I wanted to say that my life is beautiful. I work with my best friends. Three of them [la productrice Nancy Grant et les actrices Magalie Lépine-Blondeau et Nadia Tereszkiewicz] I sat in the same row on Friday.

“It's extraordinary to experience this with people so close. I'm healthy, happy, doing what I love in life. I meant it all when I said my life is great.

Even though she slept little last night, Monia Chokri says she has enough energy to celebrate a little more with her friends on Saturday evening. But from Monday, he will be back to work, in this case writing his fourth and next film.

“I am currently in Paris because I am writing my next film. I have a very boring life. I write, go to the pool for a swim and have dinner with my boyfriend in the evening. It’s a very relaxed life, but I love what I love,” she breathes.

A French #MeToo

Apart from the success of the film Anatomy of a Fall Justin Tritt, winner of six Cups, 49e César's edition was marked by a speech by actress Judith Godreche, who in recent weeks has become a leading figure in the #MeToo movement, which is currently rocking the French cinema industry.

Monia Chokri says she was touched by Judith Godrech's speech, including Justin Triet's.

“I found the talks interesting because they were relaxed,” notes the Quebec director.

“There was something different from the very vengeful French tone. I found it very beautiful, this reception of words and it ends with Justine Triet, who dedicated her last César to all women. It was very beautiful. It set a good tone for the current changing tide in the world of French cinema.” I thought.

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