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Homesciencenerve end. It's a huge success. The James Webb Telescope...

nerve end. It’s a huge success. The James Webb Telescope has opened correctly


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cosmic telescope James Webb, the most advanced space observatory to date, has been launched into space cosmic December 25, 2021. Shortly after the launch of an Ariane 5 rocket from the European Space Agency port in French Guiana, the telescope began a very complex process of unfolding, starting with an antenna for contact with the Earth, thanks to which subsequent maneuvers were carried out by engineers. NASA.

nerve end. The James Webb Telescope has been exposed in space

Now you have reported to NASA When the complete disassembly process is completed. The last thing to be opened is the main mirror, which consists of a fixed central part and two side parts that must be positioned very precisely. Such a construction was imposed due to the huge size of the mirror (diameter 6.5 meters) – without the possibility of folding it, the telescope would not fit on board any rocket.

The first side part was revealed on Friday and the whole process took 5½ hours. The second was carried out successfully on Saturday. means The fact that the most complex part of preparing the entire telescope for operation was completed and proceeded without any difficulties.

More information about the James Webb Space Telescope can be found at

It was a very nervous time for scientists, because there was a lot of time when the telescope was opened Things can go wrong. Only to unfold and tighten the ultra-thin sunscreen, but at the same time, the oversized sunscreen has been associated with significant risks. The whole machine consists of more than 300 Elements, the failure of which (even one of them) could destroy two decades of work – more than 10 billion dollars were spent on the project.

Webb is still on the way to target orbit

However, we still have to wait for the so-called first light, that is, the first note after the device is ready to go. Webb is still traveling to its target orbit around libation point L2, which will be completed in the next two weeks. So far, the telescope has covered less than 76 percent. Roads, or approximately 1.1 million How manyThere are still 350,000 in the target orbit. How many. Currently, the telescope is moving at a speed of 0.38 km / s.

It is likely that in about 3 weeks, the scientists will make the first observation to check the equipment and start calibration, which will continue for several months to come. It’s a highly precise process consisting of minimal movement of each of the 18 main mirror parts with the help of 126 independent actuators that are remotely controlled by NASA engineers. The agency plans to publish the first completed image “this summer.”

The James Webb Telescope aims to allow humanity to open its eyes wider and see things farther that it was not able to capture, for example, the Hubble telescope. One of the main goals will be to observe the first stars and galaxies that formed shortly after the Big Bang, which, according to the current state of knowledge, gave rise to the universe.

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