Are bald men more intelligent and sexually capable?  Explains science

Although there is a lot of talk about the fact that it is not appearance that is most important, but character and character, most women have their own favorite type of men. It cannot be ignored that men with shaved heads are very popular. Quite simply, bald men are very attractive in the eyes of women, for specific reasons. To confirm these words, it is enough to cite the profiles of famous hairless men: Jason Statham, Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson.

The least important thing is why he doesn’t have hair. Maybe he’s lost them or he shaves his head regularly, but one thing is for sure – the man’s haircut has its ardent supporters. What is the reason for this?

Some of us think that bald people have self-confidence, which is very attractive and attractive. They are appreciated for their interesting appearance, which is often associated with masculinity and strength. They are also believed to be more intelligent and sexually capable.

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Have the rumors been confirmed by research?

Albert E. Manz was one of the first researchers to do this in 2012. A scientist from the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study involving 59 people. Participants had to look at pictures of the same man twice. One showed him with a shaved head and the other with thick hair. When asked, they chose a more attractive version of the same person. Most decided that men look stronger, bigger and more dominant in the hairless version than with full hair. These features were not only attributed to images of men with few lines or receding hairlines.

Ronald Haines of Saarland University conducted another study, employing 20,000 people. It showed that bald men appear more intelligent and are usually perceived as older.

The above conclusions result solely from the subjective feelings of the research participants.

What about the belief that bald people can do more in bed?

For a long time, the above-mentioned opinion was associated with high levels of testosterone, which was also attributed to hair loss. However, it has been shown that the cause of baldness is not testosterone, but the hormone DHT, a derivative of it. Therefore, better sexual performance in bald men has not been confirmed by science.


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