Another increase on A2.  More by Nowy Tomyśl-Konin

As of Monday, tolls have been increased on sections of the A2 highway from Novi Tomisl to Konin. As reported by Autostrada Wielkopolska, the driving rate for each of the three 50-kilometre sections of the A2 by passenger car will rise from PLN 30 to PLN 32.

As of March 11, the tariff is as follows: PLN 16 for motorcycles, PLN 32 for two-axle passenger vehicles, PLN 51 for two-axle vehicles, at least one of which is equipped with two wheels, motorcycles and two-axle vehicles. With trailers.

You will have to pay PLN 78 for a ride in a three-axle vehicle and a two-axle vehicle, at least one of which is equipped with two wheels with trailers. Cars with more than three axles and three-axle vehicles with trailers will pay PLN 118, oversized vehicles – PLN 320.

This increase comes as a result of the rising cost of living

Autostrada Wielkopolska spokeswoman Anna Ciamciak announced that the cost of travel on the Świecko-Nowy Tomyśl route has not changed.

“Autostrada Wielkopolska SA determines toll rates for the toll section of the A2 between Nowy Tomyśl and Konin based on the real costs of highway maintenance, financing, renewal and modernization costs, and the implementation of the multi-year investment plan,” Chamsiak said, adding that the company does not receive any funding from the site. General.

“The section of the A2 motorway on the Nowy Tomyśl – Konin route is fully maintained by Autostrada Wielkopolska. This means that the costs of its operation and maintenance are not borne by taxpayers in any way. Only drivers who actually use the service pay the toll,” the spokeswoman notes.

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