You should be especially careful about these phone numbers.  The new way of telemarketing is a great hoax [21.10.22]

The unknown phone calls that bother us several times a day can make life very difficult. They can hide intrusive telemarketers, but also scammers who want to extort money at the expense of users. A new way to deal with unwanted calls was recently introduced. Check out the article on the phone numbers you should pay special attention to and learn a new way for telemarketers.

Spam is an increasingly common problem in our country. All you have to do is enter your phone number on a suspicious website or app so that our data will end up in the wrong people’s hands. Among them are companies that operate legally, but there are also scammers – sometimes it is enough to call a few numbers and we will lose a lot of money.

You should be especially careful about these phone numbers. Be careful – do not answer calls from these numbers:

To prevent scammers from getting your phone number, it’s a good idea to implement some precautions. A powerful tool was recently introduced by Mozilla.

I’m talking about the new number masking option that Mozilla introduced, ie Firefox Relay.

“By masking the phone number, you can create a phone number mask that helps protect your real phone number. Share it and receive messages and calls privately” – this message appeared on the browser page.

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