An unusual phenomenon in the Polish sky.  Everything happened at night

Events On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, a unique spectacle occurred in the skies over Poland. At some point, observers noticed an unusual luminous object moving overhead. Many people are starting to wonder what it is. The mystery has been solved by astronomy enthusiasts.

People who woke up shortly after 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday, May 29, had the opportunity to see a unique spectacle in the sky. A luminous object resembling a round cloud appeared above our heads. Pictures of the phenomenon immediately began to appear on Internet groups Astronomy lovers.

Falcon 9 flew over Poland

The puzzle was solved very quickly. Report it carol wojcicki, Facebook profile authorWith your head in the starsHe explained that the phenomenon observed by observers was mostly… Removing the Falcon rocket from its orbit. This information was confirmed by another scientist who is an astronomy enthusiast. Mr. Zbicek from “Nocne Niebo” channel.

– The Falcon 9 was seen again over Poland tonight. almost. 1:35 I took pictures and recordings of the deorbiting process, specifically the so-called deorbit burn – we read on Facebook “Nocne Niebo”.

According to Mr. Zbiszek, the object seen by observers is most likely the same Falcon 9, Which was launched at 00:20 From Vandenberg Army Base in California. Rocket in frame EarthCARE mission Launched a satellite into orbit.

How is the Falcon 9 mission going?

These tasks are divided into stages. First, the first stage is separated from the rocket Place the payload in the target orbit. then Falcon 9 second stage It remains in orbit to ensure that the payload is launched and placed correctly.

It then begins to move away from the load to avoid collision. As we read on the “Night Sky” website, in such a case, small maneuvering engines are often used to control the position and speed of this part of the missile.

What did observers from Poland see?

The next step is Burning orbit Its effect was most likely to appear at night over Poland.

In order to deorbit, the rocket’s second stage performs what is called a “deorbit burn” – that is, igniting the engine at the right moment to reduce its orbital speed. Depending on the mission and the current position in orbit, the ignition may be short or longer, with the aim of directing the element on a path leading to the Earth’s atmosphere – explains Mr. Zbiszek from the “Nocne Niebo” channel.

What happens to the rocket parts?

Then the second stage of the rocket begins to enter the denser layers of the atmosphere and gradually begins to heat up due to friction. Most items burn. Only a small part of the rocket can reach Earth.

– The small portion of an element that can survive reentry into the atmosphere is usually located in the ocean or other predetermined safe places on Earth. SpaceX plans deorbit trajectories in a way that minimizes risks to people and property on the Earth’s surface – explains Mr. Zbyszek.

Illuminated train over Poland

It’s worth noting that as well In recent days, we can see another interesting phenomenon over Poland. Observers noticed light train, That moved over our heads. Initially, very little was known about the object, but this time astronomy enthusiasts were once again able to determine what the inhabitants of our country saw.

Mr. Zbiszek also described this case. It turns out it’s probably the train Launching satellites for the National Reconnaissance Office inside NROL-146 mission. The exact number of objects is unknown, but there were likely dozens of satellites that flew for several days in a fairly dense formation resembling a star train.

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