“Red” cast, is it worth watching?

Dead girl on the seashore
In the first minutes we learn that Monika (played by Zofia Jastrzębska), whom we have just met, has died. Her body has been recovered from the sea (the action takes place on the Polish coast) and the police have no illusions that it may have been an accident. The body shows numerous signs of violence and also proves brutal mutilation. The investigation is led by the young prosecutor Leopold Bielski (played by Jakob Gerzal). We know little about him, but it is clear that he followed in the footsteps of his father, who is still remembered in history within the walls of the Public Prosecutor’s Office building. Young Belsky is ambitious, committed and clearly cares. Unfortunately, his boss values ​​the oddly specific “effectiveness” more than the thoroughness of the investigation.

The scenario did not develop the characteristics of the main characters. Devoid of any distinguishing features, Belsky gives the impression of an straight-A student accidentally thrown into the vortex of a difficult investigation. He’s kind, stubborn, and goal-oriented. This is too little to get involved in the fate of the next crime story hero we will follow.

At various stages of the investigation, Bielski is supported by the victim’s mother, Helena Bogucka (played by Maja Ostaszewska). Helena is another bland and characterless heroine. The scene in which he flees the nightclub in a car is unintentionally comedic. The heroine is given a “rape pill” in the water and when she escapes, she sets out on a mad dash through the city, constantly crashing into barriers or other cars, showing Hanka Mostowiak’s facial expressions, a moment before crashing into the deadly cardboard boxes in “M like love.” It’s impossible to take a movie seriously when it makes such a mistake.

The other characters involved in the story are equally uninteresting. Suffice it to mention Helena’s husband, as well as the local gangster (Przemysław Bluszcz was again chosen “under conditions”. This is not surprising, but knowing his achievements, you can predict in advance which hero he will play), local policemen and other representatives of justice.

Wrap threads hastily
At first, the case continues without any progress, then a “deux ex machina” occurs, as someone pulls a flash drive full of valuable evidence from his pocket and the story unfolds in an avalanche. Its individual elements occur in no particular order, and in the end we get the suspense, but another character could just as easily be the culprit, because the psychological possibility of Monica Bogoca’s killer’s actions is so slim.

In theory, the film had everything to be a success. Attendance will certainly be high, but viewer satisfaction after the show is not certain. There was no idea what needed to happen between the characters so that The Color of Evil: Red wouldn’t become another forgettable movie immediately after release. There is no social diagnosis, no attempt to show the characters’ lives in a specific context, or any idea of ​​how the evil the characters deal with is born.

Too stereotypical?
Cliche follows cliché, so for viewers who regularly watch crime movies and series, “The Color of Evil: Red” will not be groundbreaking or interesting. An evil man, corrupt cops, the only fair “sheriff” in town, and an upper-middle-class family who has no idea about their adult daughter’s life. This item is very annoying. How could Monica still live with her parents and yet be a stranger to them? She was returning home after being exposed to violence, and it had many effects on him, and her mother and father did not notice the drama she was exposed to all the time.

When we learn of Monica’s fate, it becomes clear that she experienced another disappointment and trauma on the last day of her life. It seems that everything that happens to her is torture for the heroine and an unnecessary display of violence. The situation is similar in the case of the investigation with her mother, which is subject to subsequent misfortunes.

The film follows a well-known scenario. In the end, he hastily twists the threads so as not to lose the viewer’s attention. The biggest advantage of the production is the cast, especially Zofia Jastrzębska. “The Color of Evil: Red” is the beginning of the film series. We can only hope that subsequent films do not repeat the mistakes of Adrian Panek’s film. Meanwhile, it’s just another show to forget.

film “Colors of Evil: Red” is available from May 29 Netflix.

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