An Uber driver bought a Tesla Model 3 SR+, it reached 202,000 km and the range decreased to 56 km. [Kim Java / YouTube]

An interesting recording appeared on Kim Java’s YouTube channel. An Uber driver traded in a burned-out Camry for a used Tesla Model 3 SR+ (2019). He was very happy with the car, and in his opinion the electric car drove much better – until the Model 3’s battery died and its range dropped to 56 kilometres. Because he drove 160 thousand kilometers a year. The repair cost was estimated at $9,000 (net equivalent to PLN 37,400 net), after the repair part of the range was restored, but the second battery did not work as expected.

Tesla Model 3 SR+ with Panasonic cells not suitable for taxi/Uber?

The Model 3 owner previously drove a Toyota Camry. He switched to electricity because he realized that he was paying about $2,000 a month for fuel and oil changes (the equivalent of PLN 8,300). He drove the Tesla more than 480 kilometers a day, six days a week. It charges on superchargers, often reaching 90-95 percent. By the time he reached 125,678 miles/202,300 kilometers on the odometer, he had saved nearly $10,000.

With a range of 145,000 km, the battery degradation was less than 11 per cent, and instead of the original 386 km, it traveled 344 km on a single charge. Something bad started happening after 160,000 or 177,000 km – the range started to decrease, it was 274-290 km on a full battery. He had read online that the cost of replacing a battery was $12,000-$15,000 (net equivalent to 50,000-62,000 PLN), so he dropped the subject and decided that the range would be sufficient for typical use.

Less range = more frequent charging = faster deterioration

To complete your courses, I started replenishing the power on the superchargers to 100 percent. Not always, but it started. Twice a day. When Tesla asked about his problems, he was told so Battery performance is expected to decrease with use. He concluded that he understood this situation, but he did not expect such a sudden decline.

one day The declared range in the first charge was 274 km, while in the second charge it was only 56 km. The car has retained its previous dynamics. At Tesla he heard it The repair will cost about $9,000 (equivalent to PLN 37,400). The service manager also explained to him that when he took a car with a three-year-old battery and suddenly drove it 160,000 kilometres, he should “expect” such behaviour.

Battery repair

The Uber driver decided to fix the battery. In his opinion, the original battery was suddenly restricted by software to prevent a more serious failure, and the service consisted of reconditioning. After taking delivery of the car, the Model 3 SR+ shows a range of 220 kilometers at 80 percent capacity and expects 333 kilometers on a full charge. The point is that Tesla is calling it back for service and is probably satisfied with the battery performance.

In his opinion The manufacturer is not prepared to use its cars as part of a transportation service. It does not matter whether it is the variant with a smaller or larger battery. Let us add that the Tesla Model 3 SR+ with Panasonic Li-NCA cells, which was driven by the driver in the video, was quickly replaced in Europe by the Tesla Model 3 RWD with LFP cells produced by CATL. LFP cells can withstand several times more charging cycles, although it is difficult to say how they will behave after traveling 160,000 kilometers per year.

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