An Iranian warship entered the Red Sea

This information came weeks after missile attacks launched by the Yemeni Houthis on transport ships. The Iranian-backed rebels say they attack ships belonging to Israel or carrying goods to and from Israel. The Houthis believe that the attacks are an expression of solidarity with the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. In response, the United States last month established a multinational maritime task force to protect the ships.

On Sunday, US Navy helicopters from the USS Eisenhower carrier strike group fired on Houthi rebels trying to board the Maersk container ship. As a result, three boats sank and the Yemenis reported that ten of their fighters were killed.

British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps said on Monday that Britain was “ready to take direct action” against the rebels “to prevent threats to freedom of navigation in the Red Sea.” British Foreign Secretary David Cameron announced a conversation with Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian about tensions in the Red Sea. He told him that Iran also had a responsibility to protect transportation and prevent attacks.

Tasnim did not give Iran's reasons for sending the destroyer, but stated that Iranian units had been operating in the region since 2009 “to secure shipping lines and repel pirates, among other things.”

Source:, PAP

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