December 4, 2022


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An image of the curvature of the Earth.  The picture from the 1930's is still delightful

An image of the curvature of the Earth. The picture from the 1930’s is still delightful

Because of the scientific achievements of the ancient Greeks, mankind has always had indirect evidence to suggest that The earth is not flat. It seems that this thesis was confirmed not only by mathematical experiments, but also by observations of the trajectory of the lunar eclipse, during which the shadow of the Earth drew its shape on the Silver Globe.

91 years ago, the first image directly showing the curvature of our planet was taken. Created on December 30, 1930 on a balloon Explorer IIIt flew, with a crew of two people, at an altitude of more than 22,000 meters above the ground. Take a photo in advance Albert W. StevensWho was an officer in the US Army Corps and an aerial photographer.

The image shows the territory of South Dakota from a perspective so far elusive. These are the westbound areas of the Bighorn Mountains, the riverbed, and other popular destinations in the region. The horizon is about 500 kilometers from the photographer, at the foot of Yellowstone National Park.

Capturing this unusual sight is made possible by an infrared sensitive film, which makes it possible to clearly photograph distant objects, even if they are behind a fog.

A picture taken in 1930 of the curvature of the Earth For the first time in history, she was rubbing the nose of a flat earth. It did not present the oval shape of our planet in all its glory, but due to its visible curvature, it became direct evidence that undermines conspiracy theories. Nowadays, it is not difficult to find materials that show with greater accuracy earth shapes.

This is because private companies have joined the space conquests and broadcast the launch of their missions from the perspective of rockets. The photos and materials they post on the web provide direct evidence that the Earth is not like a disk.

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