An allowance of PLN 550 is given regardless of age!  You must hurry up, time is limited.  Check details on 07/06/2023

This money cannot be ignored. To get extra money you have to submit one simple application and the social insurance institution will have to pay the money. However, the time is limited. In our photo gallery you will find all the information you need about the supplement in the amount of PLN 550 from ZUS.

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In our photo gallery you will find all the information you need about the monthly allowance of PLN 600

In Poland, there are many social benefits aimed at supporting people in difficult living situations or with special needs. These benefits are designed to increase the quality of life and financial support for those who need it.

Here are some examples of social benefits in force in our country:

One of the most important social benefits is the social assistance benefit. It is a form of financial support for people and families in a difficult financial situation. Depending on the state, this benefit may include a targeted benefit, permanent benefit, unemployment benefit, carers allowance, or family benefits.

Another important social bonus is taking advantage of the “Rodzina 500 plus” program. This is a type of cash benefit for parents or guardians of children up to 18 years of age. This benefit is intended to support families in raising children and consists in paying PLN 500 per month for each second and subsequent child. As announced by Jaroslav Kaczynski, Head of Law and Justice, from January 2024 the program will be indexed to PLN 800.

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Another example of a social supplement is the rehabilitation benefit. This is financial assistance for people with disabilities, and is intended to facilitate access to rehabilitation, to purchase rehabilitation equipment, or to cover the cost of travel for treatment. Rehabilitation benefit can be awarded to both children and adults.

Another important social bonus is the social pension. It is a form of financial support for people unable to work who are not entitled to an old-age or disability pension under Social Insurance. The social pension aims to secure the basic needs of life and reaches a certain amount according to the state of life and the degree of incapacity for work.

Watch the show(8 photos)

The subsidy of PLN 550 is paid regularly by the ZUS and constitutes financial support for orphans, which can be used to cover basic needs, such as food, clothing, education or health expenses.

In order to obtain this benefit, it is necessary to submit an appropriate application to ZUS. This application must contain the necessary information about the orphan, such as personal details, information about the deceased parents and other required documents confirming the status of the orphan.

“The application is considered by the pension authority competent for the place of residence of the person concerned or the organizational unit of the enterprise designated by the head of the ZUS. After analyzing the application and the accompanying documents, and possibly conducting explanatory procedures, the pension authority issues a decision within 30 days from the clarification of the last circumstances necessary for a decision. – ZUS informs on its website.

The application can be submitted at any time in person or by proxy to any organizational unit of the ZUS (in writing or orally for registration), as well as by mail.

To get it, you need to prepare:

  • Application for Complete Orphan Supplement – This is the ERRD application
  • Documents confirming the date of death of the parents and
  • A document showing the date of death of the mother and a birth certificate showing that the father’s data is missing.

The aforementioned allowance is currently PLN 553.30 per month (earlier, before the March increase, it was PLN 481.97).

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