An alarming discovery on the Pripyat River.  Only satellites noticed it

CNN reported that a bridge was built over the Pripyat River, about 6 kilometers from the border with Ukraine. The emergence of a new military infrastructure was demonstrated by recent satellite images. According to experts, the pontoon bridge may be of key importance in a possible invasion of Ukraine.

Russia And Belarus Since February 10, they have conducted an active phase of joint military exercises. As part of them, according to US intelligence, about 30 thousand people came to Belarus. Russian soldiers. The latest satellite imagery from Maxar showed a new infrastructure that could be used for a possible new attack on Ukraine.

CNN announced on Wednesday that a new bridge has been spotted on the Pripyat River (running through Ukraine and Belarus), which was not present in previous satellite images. It is located about 6 kilometers from the Belarus-Ukrainian border. The pontoon bridge over the Pripyat River can be built in one day.

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New bridge on the border with Ukraine

Although there are no military groups near the bridge, Russian forces are deployed about 180 km east of the new bridge. It is not clear whether Belarus or Russia was responsible for its construction.

In the opinion of three Western service informants cited by CNN, military infrastructure under construction on the Russian and Belarusian sides near the border with Ukraine is under close scrutiny. The Russians are building bridges, field hospitals, and all kinds of supporting infrastructure. This is why we don’t really take their claims of de-escalation seriously, said one of the interviewees.

The White House asserts that Russian President Vladimir Putin may order a new invasion of Ukraine at any time. Interviews from other Western countries confirm that the Kremlin mustered enough army and equipment to carry out such an attack. The authorities in Moscow responded that they had withdrawn some soldiers, including. From occupied Crimea and do not seek to escalate the war.

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