Alpine A110 GT 2023 test, opinion, technical data and price

Groupe Renault has ambitious plans for the Alpine brand By 2026, it will have three new models to offer – a hatchback, an SUV and the successor to the A110.. It’s good news. What’s worse is that these will be electric cars, so there won’t be the typical combustion sports car experience. Fortunately, the current A110 model will be offered until the successor model debuts, forming a true stronghold of classic cars.

The Alpine A110 is already known to us and has not changed visually since its premiere in 2017. However, it must be admitted that it stands the test of time very well, and that the style that refers to its famous predecessor from 1963 has completely failed. This may also be partly due to the fact that the A110 is a fairly rare sight on our roads, which is a plus for people who want to stand out.

Furthermore, Alpine also offers the option to order the A110 from the Atelier Alpine range. This is a higher level of vehicle customization, as we choose one of 14 unique and expressive colours. Interestingly, only 110 copies will be manufactured in each color, and the number of the required copy is indicated on a plate in the cabin. The item being tested is a number 20. In Vert Tilleul. In addition, Atelier Alpine offers a choice of six wheel designs (white, black and gold) and six brake caliper colours.

Unfortunately, the program doesn’t include any interior accessories, so we have to stick with the standard upholstery. In the GT version tested, you can choose between brown or black leather with blue stitching or black leather with gray stitching. An interesting addition is the possibility of finishing the dashboard, center console and roof lining with microfiber.

The Alpine A110 is offered in a basic version with a 1.8-liter engine with 252 hp, as well as a version focused on GT comfort, a little more and more Sport S, both with 300 hp. In theory, that’s not much for a sports car, but given that the French coupe weighs just 1119kg, it offers a truly sporty driving experience. Acceleration to 100 km/h takes 4.2 seconds, and is accompanied by very distinctive exhaust sounds. The engine is perfectly coupled with the 7-speed dual clutch gearbox, which is offered as standard.

But what is even more impressive is the control that allows you to experience the driving of a real athlete. The car is very agile and follows the steering wheel’s movements eagerly, willingly turning the back if we let it. While the best contemporary sports cars achieve similar effects thanks to comprehensive suspension control systems, steerable rear axles and anti-rollover systems, the A110 goes that way thanks to its light weight and excellent chassis, as well as ideal weight distribution with an emphasis on the rear (56/44). This is due to the central location of the engine. However, this combination gives a different driving experience. Moreover, when electronics and intelligent systems fail, a car weighing just over 1.1 tons is much easier to control than a car 300 kg heavier.

Can the Alpine A110 be a daily driving car? Why not? The suspension ensures satisfactory driving comfort – for a sports car – and the dual-clutch gearbox has no problems with slow driving and standing in traffic jams. She does not withdraw or become indecisive.

The A110’s cabin is very pleasant, Thanks to the comfortable (although sporty) seats and high-quality finishes (the dashboard is covered in leather as standard). The high center console also looks exceptionally interesting, finished in carbon fiber and leather as standard. The virtual clocks still look good (they have three different views, depending on the driving mode selected), but the multimedia system has seen its best days.

However, a less practical interior may pose a daily inconvenience. There is no passenger-side glove compartment or door pockets. A shallow shelf can be found under the high center console, but access is difficult, as is the drink holder between the seats. A leather bag is also available between the seats for an additional fee. Transport capacity is also weak. The A110 has two bins, but the 96-litre back is hidden behind a small lid and has an irregular shape (with recesses on the sides, which is why its shape is closer to a croissant). The front end (100L) provides excellent access and has a very regular shape, but is surprisingly shallow.

The Alpine A110 is a truly unique athlete that has almost no competition. The only comparable model was the Alfa Romeo 4C (not offered as of 2020), where low weight was also a priority (the coupe weighs just 895kg). The Mazda MX-5 remains a classic, light sports car, but firstly, it is a roadster, and secondly, it has only 184 hp, so it is difficult to compare the two models. The Porsche 718 Cayman offers similar character and performance, but is clearly larger and heavier (1,365 kg), although this makes it more practical.

Prices for the Alpine A110 start at PLN 279,900, while the GT version tested costs at least PLN 329,900, and this specific version costs PLN 384,000. Zloty. A lot if we take into account that the basic Porsche 718 Cayman costs PLN 287,000. PLN, but similar performance is provided only by the Cayman S (350 hp), after paying extra for the automatic transmission and the Sport Chrono package, and this is already a cost of PLN 403,000. PLN and that’s before we start choosing the accessories.

Alpine A110 GT

Technical information
engine R4, gasoline
capacity 1798 cc
MOQ 300 km (6300 rpm)
Maximum torque 340 Nm (2400-6000 rpm)
moving in 7b dual clutch
Driving backwards
Acceleration from 0-100 km/h 4.2 seconds
maximum speed 250 km/h
Average fuel consumption 6.8 l/100 km
Length 4181 mm
an offer 1798 mm
to rise 1252 mm
Wheelbase 2420 mm
Empty weight 1119 kg
Front trunk capacity 100 litres
Rear trunk capacity 96 litres
Standard equipment
18-inch wheels, LED lighting, sports exhaust, front and rear sensors, rear camera, keyless system, sublet seats, leather upholstery, automatic air conditioning, cruise control, navigation.
Unit tested equipment
Atelier Alpine package paint, Focal Premium sound system, microfiber interior trim, heated front seats, storage package, and Alpine Telemetrics.
Sina 329,900 Polish zlotys
Trial version price 384 thousand zlotys

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