Alexandre Barrett “hurt” by negative comments about him after interview with Sister Angel

On Wednesday evening, the big and prestigious visit landed on the sets of the film the tower Mrs. Soeur Angèle shone in her presence, thanks to her warm personality, making everyone smile in her way.

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From the first minutes of the show, Alexandre Barrett I had the pleasure of cooking with this inspiring woman, now 84, and it would be fair to say that their bond was evident.

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However, following the airing of the episode the towerAlexandre Barrette has drawn the ire of internet users on social networks.

In fact, people accuse him of not speaking like you when he speaks to Sister Angel. As of this writing, hundreds of comments are scrolling through the Facebook page talk show And some of them are unpleasant:

“I don’t think an acquaintance with Sister Angel is out of place.”

“To use familiarity with Sister Angel, disrespect!”

“To hang out with this great woman who has shared this great passion with us and done so much for our culinary identity… She is so personable and full of love. She absolutely deserves that honor! Bravo, she is so deserving of this brief tribute. Thank you for bringing it back to us!”

“Not exactly familiar, Mr. Barrett. Please be respectful.”

“I like Alexandre very much, but I don’t like that he knows Sister Angel so well, as a matter of respect.”

“I like La Tour, but my ears are ringing today. Alex, who’s used to Sister Angel… I’m old school, so I’m a bit confused. 🫤 getting old?»

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“Confused” by such a reaction, the host and comedian had to set the record straight saying that he struggled to ask if Sister Angel wanted to be Two or Two, and kindly requested that the latter call Alexandre. It was known. It was cut during editing and caused real confusion among some viewers. Here’s what he had to say:

“I am a bit confused by your comments. From the beginning, the first discussion I had with Sister Angel was about formalities. Our age difference, and the great respect I have for her, encourage me to speak to her as you say, but she has given me her “blessing” to call her familiar. I imagine it was cut from the edit. And I’m so sad about it!”

However, while some netizens were put off by the manner in which he addressed the great lady, others were able to appreciate the interview and therefore came to his defense, insisting that he did this maintenance with great respect.

To watch the episode, It is here.

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