Alex Patty.  The couple the missing boy lived with: We didn’t know who he was

Alex Batty, the British teenager – who was found in France last week after disappearing for six years – has returned to the UK. The boy spent the last two years in a French guest house. The owners of the establishment talked about what daily life was like at the time.

Alex Batty disappeared six years ago, at the age of 11. In September 2017, he went on holiday to Spain with his mother and grandfather. Two weeks later, the boy was due to return to his hometown of Oldham, Great Britain. However, this did not happen. According to his grandmother, who is also his legal guardian, the boy would have been integrated into the spiritual community by his mother and grandfather, who took him on a journey.

Last week, Alex Paty was found in the French town of Reville, near Toulouse. According to the BBC, she was spotted on the road at the foot of the Pyrenees by a random delivery truck driver, Fabien Oxedini. Oxideni talked to him for a long time, took care of him and allowed him to call his grandmother. The teenager returned to the UK on Saturday.

Where has Alex Batty been in recent years?

In his conversation with the French driver, Paty admitted that after his kidnapping, he “lived in Spain in a luxurious house with about 10 people.” Over the past six years, he has also spent a period of time in Morocco and at a spiritual center working on “ego, meditation and reincarnation,” according to what Le Monde newspaper quoted the Deputy Public Prosecutor in Toulouse, Antoine Leroy, as saying. The boy spent the last two years in France, among other places. Accommodation in a guesthouse in Camps-sur-l’Agly. On Sunday, the facility’s owners issued a press release describing what Patty’s daily life was like.

Alex PattyGreater Manchester Police

French guest house owners about Alex

As Ingrid Pugh and Fred Hamby noted in their statement, they did not realize who their young friend was until Thursday. For the past two years, the teenager had been living in a holiday home he managed, introducing himself as Zack. “Zach (Alex Patey) first arrived at our facility in late fall of 2021, accompanied by his grandfather and mother. He was looking for a place to stay,” Pugh and Hamby said, adding that they later offered the boy room and board. In exchange for help at the guest house.

“(Alex) was involved in the life of our guest house. (…) He was also part of our family, and had a good relationship with our children. In the summer, we spent time cycling or visiting the beaches and rivers.” said the vacation home owners. “He (Alex Patty) stayed with us for longer or shorter periods. He went several times to visit his mother at her various residences. We did not have much contact with the boy’s mother,” Pugh and Hamby said, stressing that Alex Patty’s maternal alter ego never stayed at their facility. They added: “From what we know, she was looking for a place to live in a spiritual community.”

The last time Patty came to their facility was at the beginning of this summer. He then allegedly expressed his desire to return to school and live a “normal life.” According to the findings of the French Public Prosecutor’s Office, the boy decided to abandon the nomadic lifestyle after his mother informed him that she intended to move to Finland. Before he was found, he traveled alone across the Pyrenees for four days until he met a driver who offered to help him.

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Police: The search continues for the boy’s mother

According to the findings of French investigators, it is likely that the boy’s mother is currently in Finland, and that his grandfather died about six months ago. British police confirm that the circumstances of Patty’s disappearance have not yet been fully identified and that the search for his mother continues. No decision has yet been made about launching a criminal investigation into the kidnapping of the Briton. The officers confirm that it is necessary to speak to Patty for this purpose. However, these “will be done at a pace that is appropriate for Alex.” -We understand that this may be a stressful process for him. Matt Boyle, deputy chief constable of Greater Manchester Police, told the BBC that he may be six years older now than when he disappeared, but he is still a young boy.

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Main image source: Greater Manchester Police

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