March 28, 2023


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A tax refund from the tax office may surprise you in 2023. Learn about the calculations and amounts of tax overpayments

Are you wondering what tax refund you can get for working, holding a mandate, or as a retiree? The Ministry of Finance reported that the refund will be received, among other things, by taxpayers with a single source of income with a salary of PLN 3.2 thousand. PLN up to PLN 10.3 thousand and more than 12.8 TL. zlotys. Explore accounts. The 2022 tax filing period is underway. Employers have until the end of the month to file a PIT-11.


According to the Ministry of Finance, on the afternoon of February 20, your e-PIT was served for approximately 135 hours. More than a million and a half income tax declarations.

Tax filing began on February 15th. PIT-37 is often chosen, and every year we more and more like to file tax returns online, especially since the tax office automatically settles us if we ourselves have not made changes in the electronic version or have not settled in a paper version.

Here, you’ll find the estimated return for workers with one source of income, such as workers who earn between $3,200 and $3,200. PLN up to PLN 10.3 thousand and more than 12.8 TL. zł —> Here you will find the calculations.

Find out how much your tax refund will be for 2023 based on your earnings(11 photos)

– The ideal solution for the tax system is a proportional system of advance payments – the best situation is to overpay / surcharge close to or equal to PLN 0 – believes Artur Sopoy, Deputy Minister of Finance. For the 2023 tax year, the advance payments will be more proportionate than they were in the 2022 settlement.