A Polish miner earns five times as much as he does mining.  Expensive coal is already sitting in piles

Salary expenses at the Polish mining group rose last year. By up to 25 percent (+PLN 1.2 billion) and PLN 6 billion was spent on it, despite a 6% decrease in employment. Coal prices were so high that the mine still made good profits, ending the year with a consolidated net profit of PLN 2.5 billion. This is all great, but… A year ago it lost PLN 3.8 billion, and still has up to PLN 4.8 billion of uncovered losses after last year, and coal prices have fallen significantly since last year.

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The state-owned company employs 36.6 thousand. person and within a year the average salary rose from PLN 10.4 thousand. The employer costs PLN up to PLN 13.7 thousand, which translates into PLN 8.1 thousand under the employment contract. Net PLN, i.e. PLN 1.4 thousand more PLN y/y (+33% y/y).

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