June 6, 2023


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A movie that viewers faint at the cinema.  The manager is terrified.  "I don't want people to get hurt."

A movie that viewers faint at the cinema. The manager is terrified. “I don’t want people to get hurt.”

The film “Terrifier 2” provokes strong reactions from viewers – the American media is alarming. Still, part two horror Damien Leone became an unexpected success at the box office – according to many, she was influenced by the release date, which approached the American holiday of Halloween. The killer clown story grossed over $1 million, which is a huge success considering the lack of a media giant behind the film. Horror belongs to independent cinema, and the creators spent only 250 thousand on it. dollars, and production has practically no promotion.

So where does this success come from? Most likely, it is about subsequent articles that tell us that viewers do not survive the show to the end – some leave the cinema, but others sometimes faint and vomit. Pictures of people taken from cinema halls with the help of paramedics appeared on social media. Thus, “Terrifier 2” became a test for horror fans – they want to see if they can withstand it.

Graphics promoting the movie "terrifying 2"Graphics promoting the movie “Terrifier 2” – terrifier2themovie.com

“I would be glad if some viewers quit the show. It would be fine, because I would consider it a badge of honour. It’s an intense movie! But I don’t want them to faint and get hurt. What’s going on is surreal,” said the director of horror at Entertainment Weekly. Leon that viewers who want to go to the show should watch the first part of the horror movie first.” There’s a famous chainsaw scene there. This time we tried to hack it” – he revealed.

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“Terrifier 2” ends with a so-called cliffhanger, i.e. the scene that leaves the viewer with as little as possible. This means that Leon will likely return with the next part of the series about clown killers.

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