March 24, 2023


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The first case of the Omikron variant in the Dominican Republic

The first case of the Omikron variant in the Dominican Republic

The ministry said in a statement on Twitter omicron It was identified in someone who has mild symptomswho came to the country from South Africa.

The ministry also said it was informed by the Chilean authorities that a person who came to Chile from the Dominican Republic had tested positive for omicron.

The ministry added that different Possible Omikron cases are under investigation and analysis.

in Portugal omicron It has become the dominant alternative to the Corona virus – the Directorate General of Health (DGS) reported on Saturday, when Third day in a row There are more than 10 thousand registered in the country new infections.

omicron It has already become the dominant alternative in Portugal. On December 22, it was responsible for 61.5%. All (new) infections,” the DGS said in a statement.

Portugal And the French news agency pointed out that a country has one of the highest levels of vaccination against the Corona virus in the world. According to the US Johns Hopkins University, by Friday, 89% of vaccinators had received the first dose of the vaccine there. of the country’s population, and 88 percent have been fully vaccinated. So far, 26 percent have received a booster dose. population.

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